Thursday, December 1, 2011

Endless Adventure is waiting for your kids with Toydle!!! Christmas Giveaway!!!

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  Do your kids love to build forts? Do they use your chairs and furniture to accomplish this feat? Are they endlessly using their imagination to go to faraway lands? Blast off to space or just play house? Maybe they need a safe lace to escape to like mine, when the stimulation of everyday life just gets to be too much.
   If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then you need to keep on reading...

The TOS Crew is working with a company that has the answer to all of my questions above. TOYDLE!
Toydle is a child safe company that creates fort making kits out of a pvc- like material that is safe and wood tinker-toy like joints to connect them with and includes clips to attach your extra bed sheets to cover it with.
The configurations are endless. Your kids could spend hours upon hours creating new habitats. Do you come from a cold snowy winter climate like me? Sometimes it is just too cold to go out and play. Now they can create "snow" forts inside.  When your kids are done playing you can pack it up in the neat duffle bag that comes with all your Toydle parts, Zip it up and put it away and it is ready for the next time. Colors may vary for the storage bag.

American Made/Unconditional Guarantee

Toydle Forts are made in the USA—in Boise, Idaho. Each tube is cut, each wood block is hand-shaped by an American worker. We believe that with a little American ingenuity we can make products better and more cost-effective than sending the work overseas. We believe that we can win jobs back for our workers and our economy. We practice it every day!
 And we guarantee every Toydle product—we will replace any product or piece thereof that fails for any reason, even if your little critters leave a block out in the rain, or try to do pull-ups with a tube. The quality of our products speak for themselves.

 Toydle comes in 2 sizes, the Todle Fort is 45 sq ft of endless fun, and sells for $149. While the BIG Toydle Fort doubles the size at over 90 sq ft for double the fun and possibilities and sells for $229.99.

 Wouldn't your child love to see this under the tree this Christmas morning? I know mine would. You can buy your very own Toydle fort by visiting http://www.toydle.com/ or you can try your chance at winning one of 3 BIG Toydle Forts over at the TOS CREW BLOG.  That's right enter to win a Toydle Fort of your very own.
Remember if you cannot stand to wait and simply want it now head over to TOYDLE now and snatch one up. Toydle is a toy that will be around for years, backed by their guarantee, I'm sure it will be around for many, many years. Be sure to check back here in January for my personal review of TOYDLE.
  So why are you still here? Head over to the TOS CREW blog NOW!! So you can get your chance to win one of 3 BIG Toydle Forts of your own. Tell your Mother, your Sister, your Brother and your friends. Whoever wins this will be the most popular house to play at in the neighborhood. So don't delay. Enter TODAY!!
This contest is open to residents of the United States ONLY. TOS Staff and TOS Crew Members (and their families) are not eligible to enter this contest.

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