Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trading Spaces Kasprzak Edition Not So Wordless Wednesday

Pin It Now!   Recently we have been thinking about changing rooms between the younger boys and Dave and myself. They needed less room to make a mess and we needed more room to combine our bedroom and a small office for myself. So Trade Spaces is what we did this weekend. They are both a work in progress but here is what happened so far.

                                         The boys will have more room soon as we have ordered new pins to stack their beds back into bunk beds. We lost them when we moved and they did not need bunks in their old rooms. They are in the process of deciding on a color scheme. The runners up are orange and khaki or a red,white and blue room. We will see what they decide on hopefully soon.

This is the boys old room, our new room up in the bungalow of our home. We will be able to go back to a king size bed now. We have gotten rid of our waterbed mattress and currently are just using  a mattress in our waterbed frame.
The dresser you see is going to be moved and my computer desk is going to go in front of that window. Currently my computer desk is in our living room. There is not enough room in there so by moving we are eliminating excess furniture from the living room.
                                                    Here is our much bigger closet and the built in desk that is going to be redone and made into a built in TV Unit soon.
                                                     Here is the area where you come up the stairs, the little L on the left of the open space is going to be where our dresser is moving to.
                               Here is our new color pallet. I love it I cannot wait to start painting this weekend.
                            Here is our new comforter set that is on its way thanks to my Mom.

   Like I said it is all a work in progress and will be done a little at a time. I will be sure to post updates as different stages are completed.

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