Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"How much time is left ?" Time Timer TOS Crew Review

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  "How much time is left?" I must get asked this question 100 times a day, and not only from my children. My hubby asks this very same question, as does my 91 year old Grandma. It could be how much time do we have until dinner, how long before we leave to go ...... I also flip it on them sometimes, for instance you have X amount of time to clean your room, do your chores or until the TV gets turned off.

      Most timers are audio only, meaning that you may hear time ticking away, but you only know how much time is left if you walk right up to it or hear the sound of the timer going off. The TOS Crew was given another great review opportunity to try out the 3" Time Timer.

Over 20 years ago, Jan Rogers, the mother of an independent, inquisitive 4 year old, sought a solution to her daughter’s natural curiosity about time. Nicknamed the "how much longer kid," young Loran found the concept of time to be both a challenge and a frustration. Her innate need to beat the clock in athletics as well as household tasks was combined with annoyance at not being able to understand the passage of time.

  The Time Timer stands apart from other timers in that it is more visual than any timer I have come across. It doesn't make a loud ticking noise so it is not distracting, if for instance you were using it for test taking or other school work. There is also no loud obnoxious alarm noise that goes off when time is up. You can see a video on how it works by clicking HERE.

  You simply put one AA battery in the back and you are good to go. There is also a heavy duty plastic shield that covers the time portion and also prevents little fingers from adding more time. On the flip side you can fold the cover back and it makes a more sturdy stand. I did not have a problem with it standing up without using it as a stand, I prefer to use the cover to do just that cover and protect the time.

  When you dial the plastic dot counter clockwise the area of time remaining turns a bright, bold red. VERY visual. I loved that you can see it from across the room.

   I put the Time Timer to use in many ways to test it to the fullest. I used it for chore time, and did a race with the kids to see if they could get their chores done before me and before the timer was done. I also used it to help differentiate the time we had left between subjects, my boys having Asperger's do not transition well without notice, so when I know we are needing to move onto the next lesson I set the timer for a 10 minute warning. This also helped when it was shower time and TV time was drawing to an end. I set it for a 10 minute warning signaling the transition to bedtime routine, such as showering and teeth brushing.

   Taylor is a big fan of videogames but has a hard time when it is time to wrap it off so for him I set a 30 minute timer and then he can keep an eye on how much time is left for his game. Before the Time Timer he would always say he could not hear our old timer go off because he had headphones on. He can certsainly not use that excuse anymore as he can always see the Time Timer on top of the TV in plain sight all the time.

  With my Grandma I used the time timer to give her a visual for how long until dinner was ready. She has Alzhiemers and it affects her short term memory. We often had her coming out of her room several times in a few minute span to ask if dinner was done. So now we just set the Time Timer for 15 minutes and she can watch the red get smaller and smaller as she watches TV until dinner is done with out having to keep ask.
   We have also used it to show her how much time she has to get ready to leave for an outing. This has helped tremendously as we were always running late because she lost track of time.

   Time Timer sells 3 sizes of their physical timers as well as an IPOD, IPHONE and IPAD  App that is available for download. This makes it handy as there is something for everyone's needs. Their largest at 12"  is the size of a clock and is perfect to hang on the wall. Then there is an 8"  medium size and last the small 3" table top one that we received as a review. I liked our size as it is so portable to be able to take it from room to room and it doesn't take up much space. Time Timer also sell watches, puzzles and other software apps as well as many other ingenious products be sure to check them out.
 The Time Timers range in price from $30 - $40. They have computer software that sells for $24 and the IPAD App is available from the App Store on Itunes.The Time Timer watch sells for $40 and all oders over $50 qualify for free shipping.

   The Itunes  App would be great for on the go, maybe to use it for how long the car ride to get to a place may take, like the Doctor or grocery store. The possibilities truly are endless.

   Some of the TOS Crew were given the physical timer like I received and some were given the opportunity to review the App so be sure to check them out and see how my fellow crewmates used their Time Timers.

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