Monday, October 24, 2011

Long Overdue Update

Pin It Now!   Although I have been doing reviews, Simple Woman's Daybook and Wordless Wednesday I have been lacking in the actually updating of our lives, I am excited to do another Blog 2 Book for my Mom and I come January and need to keep up on the actual journaling of our family life, because after all is said and done this is for my kids and family.
   School has been going well we have been blessed with new curriculum this year along with our My Father's World by being part of the TOS Crew. God sure knew what he was doing when he lead me to apply for this wonderful opportunity. Be sure to check out our reviews of all we have been blessed with so far.
 In September Dave and I started up with our bowling league from church again, we look forward to every other Friday of fellowship, fun and a little healthy competition. We had to get new bowling balls, shoes and a bag due to the summer garage fire, and although I love shopping I was not eager to get these new things. It was a struggle getting used to the new balls and shoes and took a couple weeks of getting back in the groove.
  In September I also started back up in my stamp club with my upline Sherrie. I love seeing the girls and getting creative.
The end of the month was also the yearly women's retreat held at our church on a Friday night and all day Saturday. I always leave feeling so refreshed.
  The boys and my mom and I also went to see Dolphin Tale the movie. I highly recommend it to anyone especially families. We have also returned to our co-op Enrich for our 3rd year and I am teaching 2 classes, Sewing Crafts to 7-12 grade girls we are working on a patchwork purse and matching wallet in this first session. I am also teaching Creative Calendars to 1-3 graders and we are having so much fun making our calendars for next year.
Alyx and I and my Mom went to see Courageous the movie the day it came out and then Dave and I went again to see it with our good friends Gyda and Dave and also went to dinner with them. It was a great date night.
  October has been busy as well with many exciting adventures. My Best friend Sue and I have started a Woman's Bible Study at our friend Dolores' house and we meet every other Thursday. It has been a great time of fellowship and enlightening of our spirits and feels so nice to be able to share our feelings without the fear of rejection or being looked down upon.
    On the 14th we started a jam packed weekend with the boys and my Mom and I seeing Disney on Ice in the morning and then Alyx and I going with a group of friends to see The Newsboys that evening. Then on Saturday Sue and I and some other of her friends went to an all day scrap fundraiser where we stamped the day away. It was a much needed day of relaxation.
  My Mom and I have been enjoying some quality Mother/ Daughter time while being involved in a wonderful new Red Hat group. We have been blessed with some wonderful new friends.
  That I believe brings us up to date and please enjoy the pictures from some of our events from the last 2 months.                                          NewsBoys Concert

                                                 Disney On Ice

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