Thursday, September 1, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook Journal Entry for September 1st 2011

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Outside my window...Sunshine for the I dont know how many days straight, although the temps are rising to the unbearable again starting today. We have enjoyed perfect temps int he mid 70's to low 80's the last couple weeks but this weekend starting today jumping back to the mid 90's for a short spell.

I am thinking...that life is too short to deal with high maintence friends

I am thankful...that my Garage is finished minus some hurricaine bolts that the inspector said needed to be there, you know just in case SCS gets a hurricaine. Good Grief. They will be put in next week when Tony gets back from Vacation. Alyx has already claimed the garage so all is well in his world.

From the learning rooms...(if this applies)Lots and Lots of Organizing being done so we can officially start school next Wednesday. Nick goes back for a half day on Tuesday and we are per our back to school ritual celebrating NOT back to school for us on that day. So studies for us begin the next day on Nick's first full day of school.

In the kitchen...Lots and Lots of Organizing. All cupbaords and bakers rake are being cleaned out today and many things getting pitched
and we are organzing a new pantry in the basement.

I am wearing...Jean Capris and my new Dark Pink ( So Glad I am a Christian MOM) It has the verse Philippians 4:13 on it " I can do all things through Christ, whop gives me strength."

I am creating... some back to school goodie treats for the kids for next week.

I am going...absolutely no where special this coming weekend it is the last weekend before school year chaos erupts and I am going to savor every lasting moment.

I am wondering...Where in the world Summer went? It possibly cannot be time for school to start yet??

I am reading..Courageous

I am hoping...That Nick has a Fabulous year in 10th grade and keeps his mind on his studies.

I am looking forward to...Nick learning to drive, Yes I actually did say that. It wll help me out tremendously as I am currently the only driver in our house.

I am hearing...
my puppy snoring on my hubby's lap along with my hubby snoring, the kids are still in their rooms sleeping.

Around the house...Things are slowly starting to return to normal as most of the items that do not belong in my house are in their proper place in our new garage.

I am pondering...Which foreign language the kids and I really want to start this year, this is the one thing that is not nailed down in our main curriculum yet for this year but I have no true plans for starting it until at least October anyway, since I don't want to overwhelm ourselves at the very beginning of the year.

One of my favorite things...Is being organized.... It makes me feel so much better about everything in my life when all "things" are where they go.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Not a thing, I think we are going to my parents Sunday for a BBQ but other than that a whole lotta nothing and I am so glad. These last few weeks have been packed and I am whipped.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing.... Our new finished Garage

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priest's wife said...

happy September!

and good luck on more homeschooling