Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spur of the Moment Mini Vacation: KALAHARI

Pin It Now!   Last week I was feeling Stressed out to say the least, I think all of this nonsense with the Garage and all things going on with Dave this Summer, and to top it off my MS is in full Swing these past couple of weeks  finally got to me and I was feeling like I was suffocating a wee bit.  So I woke up in the Middle of the night Tuesday morning last week and had an Epiphany, take my Mom and the kids and get out of town, take the BUS on it's first road trip.  So I called my Mom at 9:30 said how fast can you be packed and oh by the way can you leave for a couple of days, and then hurriedly made the reservations. 
  The kids could hardly believe their ears, I never do Spur of the moment and especially not HUGE deals like this. So the plan was to Leave at 1pm and come home Thursday evening. Well let me tell you what, this place is so fantastic that immediately upon our arrival and tour of the facility, we booked a third night. The kids were beside themselves with giddiness.
  We had an awesome package for our entire stay that included 90% of our meal costs and Safari Adventure Park Passes and Indoor/ Outdoor Water park passes for our entire stay. Now let me tell you, I have been to many cool places including Great Wolf Lodge and some other indoor water park hotels, and it really does take a bit to IMPRESS the heck out of me but let's just say Kalahari knocked my socks off. From Check in to Check out it was nothing short of Fabulous.
  It was a non-stop play escape from start to finish, we came home sore and exhausted but loved absolutely every second.  The kids and I are already plotting when we can go back and take Nick, Dave and Grandma too.
  I am most certain there will be awesome prices for the school year when everyone else is in class and we can take a few days to escape.
  Not only was it an amazing atmosphere, I felt it was above board on staffing and enforcing their rules. Every child under 4ft tall must be wearing a life jacket and they have plenty to let you use so there is no excuse. They also enforce the height requirements on their rides.
   This vacation was full of many firsts for all of us, some wonderful, others not so much, but they in no means have anything to do with the Resort. Let me explain: I for one do not eat any meat on any bone, I always tease (not really) that I should be vegetarian, but on our first night I ate Broasted Chicken because Taylor kept saying it was the best Chicken he had ever eaten, well he was RIGHT. It was so juicy and tender and the skin crispy. Now this will so not make me come home and start eating chicken on the bone, but I can say I have had some I enjoyed.
  The Next first was my kids got to enjoy Prime Rib, every night for dinner as it was included in the Buffet that was part of our package and let me tell you they savored ever bit of it.
  My Mom even had some firsts, we painted pottery together, we made souvenir picture frames, now let me tell you why this is so important, my Mom is not crafty and doesn't do these types of things, I think she may have actually enjoyed it too.
  My Mom also went in a Wave pool for the first time, she did not like it as much as I had hoped but part of it is we were not far enough out in the water when the waves started and she was not on top of her float, but I think she had a little fun, and I know she enjoyed the Lazy River as that is her favorite and it was HUGE.
 A first for all of us was getting to pet and get our picture taken with a 6 week old baby Bengal Tiger, and let me tell you I wanted to stuff him in my purse and bring him home as my souvenir. He was just too stinkin cute.
  The firsts continued for all of us at the Safari park as we got to feed many different animals including an Aardvark, baby Buffalo, a Warthog, Porcupines and Spider Monkeys just to name a few. Then we had the opportunity to go to the Parakeet house and feed hundreds of parakeets that come right up to you and eat off this stick of food that you are holding out for them, it was the coolest thing ever. Definitely one of my Mom's favorites. We also had a photo shoot and feeding experience with some Giraffes and let's just say it was comical and the pictures below will tell a Thousand Words. Let me start you off with a couple to get your mind going: Taylor, Germaphobic, Giraffe, Drooling..... I think that covers it all.

 Last but certainly not least I got talked into 1 first for myself and that was going on the indoor water coaster, let's just say this Momma does not do rides and this should have been no exception.
  The Shining star of my trip was conquering my fear of heights and I went on a zip line that was a 4 part one and it was 3-4 stories high depending on which side. I completed 2 parts of the four and although it took a ton out of me I felt very accomplished and exhilarated.  The cool part of it was that the one part I did went flying right past our balcony so Alyx got to take pictures and my Mom and the kids got to see me close up.
 I almost forgot our balcony overlooked the outdoor Water park and the Safari Park so we could see animals from our room it was way too cool. Also it was super fun to see the people who for some reason or another got stuck on the zipline right in front of our balcony, Thank GOD that did not happen to me or I might have peed myself right up there 3 stories in the air.
  Well I think I have shared all of our adventures and now I am leaving you with photos to see first hand what I have been gushing on and on about. I can't wait to go back and now I am sure you want to go with us the next time we go.
Happy Trails

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