Saturday, July 2, 2011

What's Been Happening 'round here

Pin It Now! Things have been absolutely a whirlwind rollercoaster ride around here since the garage fire on the 22nd of June. On the 24th Dave and I celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary and we attended our City fireworks with our good friends and their family. That weekend was pretty low key thank Goodness as we needed some down time.
On the 27th my hubby went back to the Dr. and was cleared to go back to work, Praise God.
On June 28th My Grandma celebrated her 91st Birthday all day long with our family and my parents. We started the day by going out to breakfast with my Mom and Dad and then we topped it off with Dinner and Dessert and some Farkle at my parents house to wind out the evening.
The in between times this week have been spent meeting with the insurance adjustor and contrators to get estimates to have our garage rebuilt and the contents replaced.
I cannot wait to this is all over and we can truly start enjoying our summer. One of the bummers of our fire was that the pump to our pool got fried in the process. The kids have been having to clean it everyday just to use it because the solar cover was melted too. The big tree in our yard thankfully did not catch fire but alot of the leaves around the garage got singed and they are all dead now and constantly falling in the pool which stinks, but if the kids want to swim bad enough they will spend the time skimming it.
It really amazes me as I was making the list of the lost contents how much stuff we really had in our garage. Good grief we have not even been here 2 years and we have accumulated a ton of "stuff". It has made us realize we do not need so many material items.
To round out the week yesterday we finally took the plunge and bought something much needed and that we have been talking about forever, we bought our "Family Bus". A Dodge Ram 3500 15 passenger van. I absolutely love it and I love that we can soon dump our car payment by turning the orange bomb of a minivan that has been a thorn in my side since we got it.
Our new "Bus" was a church van for a little Baptist church in Warren and it was not driven much so the miles are low and that is perfect for us.
The kids were so excited to take a ride and see if Mom could make it through the drive-through at the local icecream parlor. Well guess what? I passed, all the things I was worried about like changing lanes, parking lots, and drive-throughs I have been able to do with great ease and so now I am ready for our first road trip. Family, friends, luggage and dog all in one vehicle.
Here is a picture of our new "Bus", Alyx and I are looking for some cool graphics to decorate it to make it our own. White is definitely not my color and would not have been my first choice. I LOVE COLOR so we will definitely need to fix that soon.

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