Thursday, June 30, 2011

TOS 2011-2012 Intermediate Planner Review

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 When we started homeschooling 2 years ago, I started my organizing with a teacher's planner from the Teacher's store in our area, but what I quickly found was that it did not meet our needs and had spots for 30 students when I only have 3. There was so much  I wanted to include, but no place to add them in. The planner I had purchased was strictly for classes and grades. I wanted so much more out of a planner and did not know where to find one.
  Then I came upon The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, not only is the magazine a wealth of information for homeschoolers at any level, but they also sell curriculum and the best Homeschool planner on the planet.
  Their Homeschool Planners, are not your typical planner, they include something for every aspect of homeschooling and life. The unique thing about their E-Book planner is you can type your information right into it on the computer before you even print it. If you would rather you can also purchase your planner on a CD, and as with the download form you can edit the CD version as well. No matter which form you chose to purchase your planner in, the results are the same, a much easier planner to use for your entire family, this proved especially true for my family as it was much easier for my kids to read my writing. My kids can also type info right into it and therefor it is much easier for me to read as well. My 2 youngest boys have Asperger's Syndrome and one of their biggest delays is fine motor skills, which affects their ability to write legibly and this is a constant source of frustration on both sides, theirs and mine. This planner will definitely help us in that area. They have fantastic pages for the kids to use, like book report pages, Bible Memorization, Goal sheets and so much more.
  I was recently asked to review the 2011-2012 Intermediate Planner which is geared for 5th - 8th graders.
I have already begun to start using it for activities for the Summer, like the daily planner sheet that lists the top 3 things you need to get done each day of the current week. My other favorite feature is the customizable printable calendar, here I can edit our calendar at any given moment and print it out and post it on the wall for the family.

   In Alyx's opinion his favorite section is the "Books Read this Year" section as he loves to read and this is a valuable way for him to keep track of his books and he can go in and add new books at any time.

 Taylor's favorite is the Science activities that are included, his all time fav is the Pond Dipping Unit Study that we have begun working on for our Summer Enrichment project.

 I could not however pick just one, some of my highlights are all the Bible sheets, where else can you get a planner with a Biblical approach as well as functional all rolled in one. My second was the Sign Language charts, our church has a Deaf Church as well and there are many opportunities for my family to interact with the deaf members of our congregation, and my kids and I are very excited to brush up on our Sign Language this Summer. So when Fall rolls around we can communicate with our deaf friends without stumbling.

  If you are struggling to find the perfect planner for your homeschool family, then look no further than The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, there is a planner to fit every family's needs.  The planners vary in prices the one I reviewed, The Intermediate Planner is $19.00 for the E-book and $24.00 for the CD version.  Whether you have little ones, Middle ones like me or High School students you are sure to be pleasantly surprised with the content of whatever planner you chose to fit your family's dynamics. There is also the Special Needs planner for those of you with special students that require unique aspects to your planning needs. Lastly there is the The Homeschool Planner and is bursting with pages for all of your homeschool needs, and with the addition of 175 newly added forms there is bound to be countless forms that  can help organize your homeschool classroom and fmaily life for only $39.00.
While you are checking out the planners be sure to investigate all of the other wonderful downloadable homeschool content available for purchase. Be sure not to miss their Homeschool Dollar Store that is just exploding with deals that are absolute must haves in any homeschool classroom.

I recieved a FREE EBOOK of the Intermediate Planner, I was no compensated in any way and the opinions are my honest thoughts about the above product. Receiving the Free Planner did not influence the outcome of my review at all.

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