Monday, June 13, 2011

Capture Moments in time with BNTR!

Pin It Now!   Did you ever wish you have a place to jot down conversations with your kids and preserve them or print them out. Maybe you have friends and family that live far away and want to share these moments with them.
Your wait is over, there is a great new web tool called BNTR and you could do just that, save your conversations to your account or share them via facebook and twitter. I know my kids say the funniest things and sometimes I want to share these with my family via facebook and now I can.
  I can't wait to share these with the kids when they are older. They may not think it is as funny as I do but someday they will appreciate that I captured these moments in time with them.
  My kids are a little older, I so wish there was something like this when they were smaller. It is hard to believe that my first born is going into 10th grade in the Fall. In the blink of an eye they are almost all grown up. I know I will be utilizing BNTR to the fullest extent to capture every little exchange between my kids and I.
  I am a scrapbooker and this is also a great tool to remember quirky little things that your kids have said and then when it is time to journal on your pages you can refer back to BNTR to jot them down. If you are like me you scrap with your laptop or web enabled phone so this won't be a problem. There are IPHONE and Android apps for BNTR too. They have thought of everything. You can even follow your friends that have signed up for a FREE BNTR account and they can follow you back as well. It makes sharing as easy as pie.
  So why don't you head over to BNTR and sign up for your free account and share this info with all of your friends and family. They will definitely thank you for it, and you will be glad you did this to preserve those special moments with your kids.

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