Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday SCS Civic Carnival 2011

Pin It Now! We were excited for beautiful weather for the annual city carnival and especially so this year as we convinced Taylor to try some rides and much to his enjoyment he like them A ton and did not want to leave.

 Taylor and I played the game where you squirt water at the target to blow up the balloon and pop it, well there was about 8 people playing and Taylor won, he picked this crazy hat, so he will have a funky hat for spirit days at Enrich. He was very proud.
                               The boys rode this several times, it had really loud music playing and went forward and backward. It was nuts and Taylor loved every minute except for the long line that they had to wait in.
 Daddy joined in the fun and rode the hang glider with Alyx, this is one Tay would not go on.
                            Taylor finally got up the courage to go down the big slide, after admitting to us that part of his issue is he is afraid of heights.
 Alyx went on this by himself, he is quite the daredevil when it comes to rides, if you look really close he is on the right in the last seat up at the top. He has a kelly green shirt on

 Taylor and Alyx loved this ride too, it was called the scrambler. The laughed their heads off.
 Alyx likes the super slide he went a couple times, but loved the fast rides more so he left and went to ride the rides more.

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