Friday, May 6, 2011

Another school year coming to a close

Pin It Now!   It is so hard to wrap my head around the fact that this school year is almost finished. We made it through another year, but most of all we succeeded in finishing our first entire school year of homeschooling. I feel so accomplished and so do the boys, they have blossomed so much this year.
  Hard to believe that next year I will have 7th, 8th and 10th graders. Nick starts Driver's ed in the Fall, Yikes how did that happen.
  Everything is slowly winding down for the Summer. Enrich is finished until September, last night was recognition night and Taylor received his 6th grade certificate, he is officially a junior high student. I just simply do not know how they all got so big.
  There is only today and next month's art class for the year. Royal Rangers ends June 15th and Nick's last day of school is June 16th. We will be done with our required core subjects next week but will be doing many learning based field trips and some projects until Nick is finished. Tonight is Dave and I's last night of bowling for the season. We will miss it we have enjoyed the fellowship so much. We will definitely be rejoining next Season and hope we can convince some more friends from Church to join us. We did sign up for the Kids Bowl Free Program this year and paid for the adult membership as well this time as there is a bowling alley really close to home that is participating this year. Also many of our friends and their families have signed up as well. We are also very anxious to start Geocaching, but with all the rain I refuse to go traipsing through mud to find the caches. We are going to be teaching some of our friends to geocache this year and the boys are so excited to share our family hobby with good friends.
 Well I think that is about it for now, here are some pictures from Recognition Night 2011 from Enrich.

                  Here is Taylor posing by our display for our class that I taught, Taylor was a student in my class.
                                           Here is my display I made and some of the projects my class made.
                                    Here is Alyx standing proud near the chain reaction contraption his class made.
                                            Taylor waiting for his certificate, he hates to have his picture taken and I get very few good ones. He always has a funny look on his face.
                                  Alyx's Team Challenge class had an impromptu challenge issued by Mr.K, they had to put themselves in height order with their eyes closed, there were over 30 kids from both sessions and they did very well.
                                            Alyx's class almost done 30 seconds left to finish

                                                Alyx concentrating really hard

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