Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook Journal Entry for February April 5th 2011

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Outside my window...Kind of Gloomy but yesterday proved that True Spring is on its way.

I am thinking...that sometimes I just get so overwhelmed, like this morning my hubby wakes me at 5 am to tell me that sometime in the middle of the night the toilet overflowed and nobody came to get us for help, meanwhile this leaks into the basement, so I got to clean that up instead of sleep UGGH (my guess is it was my Grandma but without hidden cameras it is not even worth figuring it out)

I am thankful for...That God moved my Mom to come to Church this past Sunday that makes 2 Sundays in a row. GOD IS SO GOOD

From the learning rooms...(if this applies)Silence as Nick is on Spring Break this week so no school for us.

From the kitchen...The boys making Breakfast

I am wearing...grey shorts and a Save the Humbug Marsh Tshirt

I am creating...swap cards and book marks and today hopefully some tissue box covers.

I am going...to take a nap later because we have Bible Study tonight and I will never make it with the time I woke up this morning

I am reading...Each Study guide

I am hoping...to be able to go to my Uplines Meeting in Ohio on Saturday

I am hearing...My children laugh at jokes in the kitchen over cereal and the new puppy bark and growl at the large plastic egg filled with treats we gave her to play with,she plays with it like a cat because she is too small to put it in her mouth so she bats it around and hops like a bunny LOL

Around the house...Is some chaos that needs to be dealt with we had company over the weekend that left late last night and now we need to put the house back together.

I love company but I also like order and company throws that off

One of my favorite things is.... Watching the boys enjoy the puppy and how mature they are showing responsibility for taking her outside and making sure she has what she needs

A few plans for the rest of the week: Small Group Bible Study tonight, tomorrow a whole lot of nothing I love breaks from school and just be able to be, Dinner at church tomorrow night and Royal Rangers. Thursday is Enrich, we still have that and only a couple more weeks until Summer Break. Friday Dave and I have dinner plans with our friends before bowling and then the 4 of us will head onto bowling from Dinner, we are going to Outback Steakhouse Yum, I love their Blue Cheese Wedge Salad it is the best. Saturday hopefully heading to Ohio for a meeting and stamping, Sunday Church and Weekly dinner at my parents.

The pictures for thought that I am sharing today is.....

New pictures of our Puppy Bailey she is 7 weeks and 3 days old today. She is Lab/Boxer/Bulldog and is the best behaved puppy I have ever seen.
We love her so much
She makes our home complete.

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