Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordy Wednesday Family Fun

Pin It Now!    A couple weeks ago the kids had Winter Break at the Local Public school which means Nick and Ashley had no school so therefor we did not do school either as we follow Nick's schedule to keep the peace amongst the HS crowd here at home.
   We started our adventure on that Friday hoping to end up at the zoo but the somewhat warm weather was very very windy and turning to cold for Taylor and Rayven so we kept on trucking and ended up at Great Lakes Crossing and lunched at our favorite burger joint Johnny Rockets, the kids had so much fun.
                                   Nick yawning as we dragged him out of bed at 10 am, how could I??
                                            Discussing the menu options
                                                   Rayven is waiting to order LOL
                                  Yummy chicken tenders and bottomless fries,it was worth the wait.
                                           Deep in conversation!!
                                 Nick finally realized I was taking pictures so he hit the deck!!
                                                Waitress!! I am ready to order now!
                                               Too much excitement for Alyx.

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