Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Volunteers doesn't even begin to describe them!! A Blessing to all those that meet them is more appropriate!!

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Carolina Pad and Volunteerspot.com have teamed up in a partnership to host a contest to recognize volunteers in families' lives.By clicking the above link you will be taken to the contest page where you can submit the story of your favorite volunteer and they will then be entered to win a Carolina Pad gift certificate and also a bundle of Carolina Pad products for their group. VolunteerSpot is a FREE online resource for volunteers to organize events, a soccer season, church fundraiser and many, many more other volunteer events. VolunteerSpot's FREE online signup sheets make it easy for anyone to schedule and coordinate parent volunteers -- say goodbye to reply all email and clipboard sign up sheets this spring!
The contest you will link to will be open from March 21-April 1. We will announce one winner a day the week of April 11-15.

Now I am going to share the story of my volunteers that have influenced my family in a BIG way.

I was asked to share with you the most influential volunteer in my family's life. Now, I am in constant contact with many volunteers in our day to day life, but when I sat down to think about this post I had no trouble coming up with the same family over and over that volunteer in many aspects of my family's life. We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams to have come to know and become very good friends with Sean and Sue. They are anything but the typical all American family. The are the proud parents of 7 children, a wonderful daughter who attends college out of state and then next in line are their triplet boys who are almost 11 years old, next comes twin boys who just turned 9 yrs old, and last but certainly not least is their princess Grace who is 5. 
We met Sean and Sue when we joined the Adult Small Group Bible Study through our Church, we were fairly new to the Church and did not know too many people yet, the youth pastor put us in touch with Sean and Sue and explained that we had a lot in common. We had also signed up for the Church Bowling League and come to find out they bowled with us as well. So as we started bowling and small group we came to get to know them fairly well. They homeschool their kids and their boys have become very good friends with our boys as well.  We found out that Sue likes to scrapbook and now thanks to me lol stamp as well. They have also included us in one of their favorite past-times, Nascar. We have joined a fantasy Nascar league with them as well as some other friends from Church. Sean encouraged my hubby to volunteer his time with the Royal Rangers as well and this has truly helped my husband come out of his shell.
They not only host Bible Study at their home every week, but they both volunteer their Wednesdays as well by teaching Royal Rangers and Daisies in Missionettes as well. They go above and beyond what anybody could ask and they are there to lend a helping hand to any friend in need as well.
Sue will drop anything she is doing when a friend calls in crisis and needs a prayer buddy to pray right there on the phone with them, I have been the lucky recipient of her prayers more than once. Sean will drop anything and come lend a hand when someone needs his handyman skills, recently my car had some issues and Sean came over and fixed my car much to my relief it was a small problem that would have cost me a lot of money if I had it towed like I originally intended, and he would not accept money for even the parts. I was so overwhelmed by his generosity that I was moved to tears.
My children have been touched as well by just having them as positive adult role models in their life many times a week and I could not ask for better friends for my children than Sean and Sue's kids, they befriended my youngest son Taylor and helped him feel welcome in a new situation even when other kids were not so accepting, Sean stepped in then as well and made the other children realize they were not acting very Christian and were being cruel. He is very well respected by all that come into contact with him. I have never run into anyone that had anything negative to say about either Sean or Sue.
 Sean recently gave up his Saturday to Teach my children as well as his how to build a computer piece by piece, took the time to explain each component and had patience beyond measure for all of the kids questions as well as Dave and I's.
Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Sean and Sue, they have done more for my family than they will ever know. They are the friends everyone hopes to have and we have been blessed beyond belief to have had them touch our lives in the way they have.
Next time you are given the opportunity to volunteer think about the impact you can have in a family's life like mine. The rewards are endless and lifelong lasting.

Disclaimer:: In exchange for this post my volunteer and I will be receiving products from Carolina Pad and also an upgraded membership to volunteerspot.com
This in no way influenced my post and I did not have to write this post and endorse this contest I did so of my own free will. All thoughts conveyed in this post are my own throught and opinions.

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