Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ishine Bible NLT review

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  The most treasured possession of everyone in our home is their "special" Bible hand picked just for them, Taylor has been looking to get a new Bible one that fits his personality a little more, he has been using a  children's Bible up until now, but felt he was too old for it now that he is 11 years old.
   When I was offered the opportunity to review the Ishine Bible for Tweens I knew this was just the thing we had been looking for. I did not tell Taylor ahead of time, when it arrived I called him into me and presented him with his new Bible he was so excited and the icing on the cake was the teen playing the electric guitar embossed on the leather cover. This had Taylor written all over it.
  We both love the fact that it is NLT it is so much easier for the kids to follow and understand and it is a smaller more compact Bible making it easy for him to hold onto and carry with him to church and Royal Rangers.
Here is what the publisher has to say about this wonderful Bible written just for Tweens

 This compact for tweens brings together the popular Christian tween brand iShine with the clearly understandable New Living Translation of the Bible and Bible features to build tweens’ faith. Full-color pages inside focus on one of the central themes of iShine: V.I.P. –Value, Identity, and Purpose. Tweens will see how they are valued by God, how their identity is found in Jesus, and the purpose that they have because of this. The iShine Bible answers questions relating to many of the issues that tweens face with a tween-friendly index. It also features articles on having a relationship with Jesus and growing in faith.

iShine is a tween brand that combines music (CD, and the iShine Live touring event), TV (iShine Connect Available on DVD through Provident/Sony), a web community (http://www.ishinelive.com/), and other media, including DVDs of the iShine Live concerts and “Sermonettes” by one of the hosts of the TV and concert tour, Paige Armstrong.

 If you have a special someone in your life that deserves a Bible to call their own but is too old for a children's Bible but not old enough for a teen or adult Bible then this is a must have for you to purchase. I am sure they will feel delighted and special to be the proud owner of their very own Word of God that is written just for their age group.

 As a member of the Tyndale Publishers Blog Network,  Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or ARC.

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