Monday, January 10, 2011

What has been happening around here lately!!

Pin It Now! Last week was a whirlwind after the Holiday Break and it was sure hard to get back into the swing of things.
On Monday Nick returned to school and we started the day off with chores and getting our home blessed for the week. Then it was off to start our school work for the week, the day went slow as the boys were very out of sorts from being structure free for almost 3 weeks.
Tuesday went better than Monday but still not perfect,as each day went by things got back on track steadily. Wednesday Night the boys had a bowling field trip with Royal Rangers and they had a blast. Thursday was our first day back at Enrich and the boys were so happy that Daddy made the commitment to come along every week with us, he arranged his work schedule to have Thursdays off until Summer. Way to go Daddy!! SO we went to Enrich and Alyx is taking Home Improvement, Submarines, Shipwrecks and Sea life, and Answers in Genesis... Taylor is taking More Mind Games, Karate taught by an actual instructor he is so excited, and Continental Crafts, he made a Chinese Lantern on Thursday that is pretty cool.
Friday was a new experience as the boys went with friends to an Art Class at a local Church taught by Mr. West they were there for 4 hours and even took a packed lunch, their art work was beautiful, I hope to take pics of the art work and Taylor's Chinese Lantern and post them later, Alyx gave his Art to Nana to hang at her house so he is already gone but I will remember next month to take pics right away. Dave was off and we got to do errands and go out to lunch before his Dr Appt. It was such a nice break. I will definitely look forward to it each month.
Saturday was a laid back kind of day and Sunday I woke up to a back that had decided to go out on me and I was not moving very well, so we had to miss church so I could take a muscle relaxer and pain meds, thankfully by afternoon I was starting to feel better and Taylor went off to his friends, Ethan and Franklin's Birthday party it was a Nerf Wars Party and he had so much fun playing with all the boys. It is so nice to see him finally make real friends, whom he has fun with, and shares many common interests with. It helps too they are a homeschool family too and go to our church so we get to see them often.
Today is back to the grind, just waiting for Alyx and Dave to get up so we can do our Home Blessing and get to work on school, tomorrow our Bible Study starts a new lesson for 6 weeks and we are looking forward to it Dave and I have missed it so much.
Wednesday is of course Royal Rangers and Thursday Enrich and Friday Dave and I get back to bowling it will have been a month by the time we bowl Friday because our regular bowling night fell on New Year's Eve. Saturday is my monthly lunch with my girls I look forward to that as well.
So as usual it is a busy adventurous week in The Kazz household full of learning and adventures.

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