Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to continue the weightloss journey

Pin It Now!   I admit I slacked on my weight loss journey big time, after losing 50 lbs I thought I could just trudge along and not document or hold myself accountable Boy was I wrong, so today I took a Giant Step forward and returned to Weight Watchers and much to my surprise there was a friend there starting her journey too, 2 of my best friends are also restarting their journey but they don't attend the same meetings as one works and they both live a bit away but at least we can all account to each other and it will help make this journey more fun. I cannot wait till the weather warms up so we can all start walking again.
 But in the mean time we will do Wii Fit and Body Gospel here at home.
I will keep updating here as to my loss or gains each Monday so I can track and journal about my weight loss struggles.

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Mommy said...

I'm a new follower I found you on simply stacies blog roll! I'd love a follow back @ http://myadventures-in-mommyland.blogspot.com/ :)

sustahl said...

I need to lose weight too. I started my journey, but it is never easy. I need to lose more than 100 pounds.