Monday, January 31, 2011

One thing or another

Pin It Now!    The last few weeks have been insanely busy and things have been going ca put one after another, last week our microwave died on Tuesday while I was at stamp club, I hate being forced into buying things I like to make informed decisions not spur of the moment ones, Thursday was my Mom's Birthday we went to Enrich, then out to dinner with my parents and then I took my mom to Grosse Pointe Theater to see Relatively Speaking for part of her present. I also made her one of my rag purses that I have been on a kick making lately.  It was very funny, Friday we had bowling and the kids left for Winter Blast with church. They had a Fantastic time and have not stopped talking about it since they got home.
   Saturday I went to my first Downline meeting in Romeo since rejoining Stampin UP. My business is off to a wonderful start and have already had one $300 workshop and I am going to a friend from church's stamp group get together for a stamp a stack and workshop on this Thursday barring the blizzard that the weather men are threatening us with. I even broke down and we went to buy a snow blower for the first time in 16 years. SO I am most certain there will be no snow since I did that.
  Saturday while I was at the downline meeting I got a voicemail from my hubby letting me know that our washer DIED, really are you kidding? SO my Dad assessed the situation and reported that it is DOA.
  So off to Sears we went to scope out a new washer and left the proud owners of a new HE Front Loader by Samsung, and have now decided since it was delivered today that we need the matching dryer so we will be doing that in the next week. We are no hurry as of yet as we have a working dryer so in due time that will be delivered to pair with its matching Washer.
Here is a photo of our new washer

Sunday was a typical Sunday church, and then some errands and then laundry at my parents last night that with their tiny machine took my 2 laundry baskets over 4 loads
I was there forever doing laundry UGGH.

Today the new Washer was delivered, tomorrow is small group and home school rollerskating, Wednesday is church and Royal Rangers if we do not get canceled due to the Blizzard coming, and Thursday is Enrich and hopefully my Stamp workshop. Friday the boys will be attending their second Art class and then we will be having a Chinese New Year Celebration with some friends.  Then the weekend with some fun Surprises planned for my family.
I think February should be a much calmer month, but who am I kidding, right?

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