Friday, December 17, 2010

WOW it is THE WEEK before CHRISTmas!!

Pin It Now!   I honestly cannot believe Christmas is that close, I look back and I wonder where this year has gone too, It sure has been a roller coaster ride but definitely all worth it.
    We celebrated Nicks birthday 2 weeks ago, he turned 14, he is now 5ft 81/2in tall and weighs 141 lbs although I do not know where the weight is as he is a skinny rail, he wears a men's size 14 shoe and as I always said one day he would like down at me and that has finally started to come true. I am only 5ft 7in
so in know time he will be a head taller than me.  Last week was Ashley's Birthday she turned 15. I was away last weekend for my Red Hat Sleepover and let me tell you it was a blast, but the downside was waking up on Sunday to the beginning of a major snowstorm, and I had to drive out to Fair Haven to get Nick in the snow and Ice, can we say scary. We spent the day Sunday inside and all day Monday as well, Nick's school was closed Monday and Tuesday due to the Sub Zero temps and Ice and snow. Tuesday we were all starting to go a little stir crazy and needed to get out to get some errands done and Dave was heading back to work as well. SO Alyx and I ventured out and did some grocery and Christmas errands while Nick and Taylor hung out in the warm house playing video games, needless to say we were a little envious.
   My van doors were frozen shut on one side of the car and the tailgate as well. I hate Winter did I mention that??
 We had our small group Bible study Christmas Pot luck and white elephant party Tuesday night and it was the best time we have had as a couple in so long, We have the best small group ever.  We look forward to the new one starting in the middle of January.
  Wednesday was our weekly Family Meal at Church, I love that they do this as it makes it so much less stressful getting everyone to Church in time for Wednesday night Rangers and Church, this week was Stuffed peppers or meatloaf. I also love that I do not have to cook!! For this I am so excited.
   This week was the last Rangers for the holidays.
  Yesterday Alyx and I spent the day making 14 dozen cookies for the cookie exchange last night for Church for our What's Cooking? Class. But it was so nice as I only had to make 2 kinds and I got 15 different kinds back in exchange so Cookie baking is almost complete for the Holidays this year.
    Christmas Cards arrived from Shutterfly this past week and are all going out in Today's mail I am so impressed with the quality of our cards and so happy with how they have turned out. Are you on my Christmas mailing list this year? I guess you will just have to watch your mail and see if you are the lucky recipient. 75 cards are going out in the mail along with the almost 50 that were personally handed out this year, this is the most Christmas cards I have ever given out and it shows how truly blessed we are with so many people that love our family.
  Tonight is our last bowling until after New Years as well, we will be taking the bowling that falls on New Year's Eve off as the league decided to skip this one and resume 2 weeks later. We so look forward to bowling every other week, it is a great night for fellowship and couple time. It is also fun to see each of us improve our average each week and is also fun to have a little health competition as well between Dave and I.
  Sunday is the Christmas celebration at our Church and Christmas Eve is a candlelight service, we are so excited to see how Christmas is celebrated in our new church.
  Tomorrow is going to be so much fun we have a Surprise family outing in the Morning and then going to Dinner at my parents to Celebrate Christmas with them and the girls as the girls will be with their Mom for Christmas and we wont see them again till after. Then tomorrow night another Family Surprise Outing. Since these are top secret I will share photos and details next week after we have had the opportunity to experience them, since the kids do not know where we are going and they read my blog I cannot let you in on the secret.
  Next week will be pretty low key and I will be getting my swaps ready for my first demo only SU swap for the new mini coming out in January. So Alyx and I are hoping for some time to make some gifts for Christmas and work on swaps all using our new stamps and supplies that have been filtering in the last 2 weeks. I have not realized how much I have missed SU since I got sick a few years back and had to drop out of selling and sharing, this has rejuvenated my creative spirit and I am excited to begin sharing with everyone my creations including all of you my wonderful readers.
  I hope your holiday preparations are going well, and I hope you all have a Blessed Christmas Week ahead.

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