Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend full of fun and memories

Pin It Now!   This past weekend we had the privilege of getting to tour the traveling exhibit of The Library of Congress called the Gateway to Knowledge. This was such a unique opportunity as I am not sure if or when we will ever be able to travel with the kids to DC, although it is in our plans of the future there are so many destinations on our list who knows what will happen. So the younger boys and I and a friend of theirs went Saturday morning(Nick went to DC a couple years ago with my parents so he has seen the real deal and did not want to get up early to go with us). They did not allow cameras in the exhibit but I managed to get a few outside so we could remember the experience.

Then that afternoon we went for an early Dinner at my parents with all the kids and celebrated Christmas with Ashley and Rayven. It was so fun to see Rayven's reactions to her new toys.
We also loved watching her eat spaghetti lol. Although I am not sure who enjoyed the toys more the baby or the big boys, I think I may have to start shopping for Taylor and Nick in the playskool and fisher -price aisles again.

Then after we had dinner, presents and dessert we hopped in the car and traveled to Bethlehem, well not really but it sure seemed like it as we arrived at the church where we go to our home school co-op at. They had transformed the church into A Night in Bethlehem. It was fantastic the kids all had so much fun "shopping" at the markets and learning new games and crafts and then we got to watch a skit of the Birth of Baby Jesus. We even got our family picture taken when it arrives in the mail I will scan it in to show you, the photographer is mailing them to us and we also got a Bethlehem ornament for our tree.
Here are some photos of our fun, some are a little blurry (my camera is acting up) so sorry for the poor quality.
 The first booth was the Scribe shop where the boys colored bags to collect their goods from the merchants
 Then it was the leather whop where they made beaded bracelets strewn onto a leather strap.
 Rayven enjoyed watching the people it was so fun to watch her expressions
 along the way after visiting the wine shop, the cheese shop and the candy store, the boys made Star of David ornaments for our tree.

 At the Game shop the boys were taught to play Dreidel and win candy and they even each got a small one to bring home, they have been playing ever since. They have asked for a full size one for Christmas

There was also a fruit market and a bread shop where they were making homemade pita bread on the griddle,served with Hummus, although we do not eat that the bread was a big hit. my family loves pita bread and we are definitely going to be trying that at home it was Yummy.
  We ended the weekend with a Beautiful Christmas Church Service complete with the full band and choir. Christmas eve is a special Candlelight service that we will be attending also.
   This week will be a slow, relaxing week, hoping to get caught up on some reviews and crafts that are lagging behind due to our rather full schedule as of late. Enjoy your week of Christmas.

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