Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not so wordless wednesday ART PROJECT: MARBLE BOXES

Pin It Now! The boys are making their own marble boxes to hold their marbles in and be able to easily transport them to royal rangers on wednesdays because after dinner the kids all get on the floor and play old fashion marble shooting, they have a great time, they did not want to get paint on their clothes so I let them borrow my smocks, do they not look cute? LOL

                                                    This is when Taylor realizes I was taking pictures of them in their smocks and he was mortified and started to scream like a little girl LOL
                                                Then preceded to hide in his adorable lavender smock

I will post pictures when the boxes are all done, today we are lining them with fleece so they are nice and padded and then decorating the painted boxes and personalizing them

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