Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting Organized for Good with The Fly Lady

Pin It Now!  My home is realitively clean and to a point organized but it sometimes seems to get away from me and then we spend hours putting back the way it should be. I have tried my way now we are going to do it The Fly Lady Way . Routine is what makes habits and this lady has it licked. We started today with Shining our Sink
Tomorrow starts our first Zone of the system and it is our living room. I actually folded today and took our tree down early. I cannot stand chaos and the tree was making me a little nutty. I immediately felt better as soon as the tree and Christmas knick knacks were put away. I feel bad putting the stuff away so early but I think we were all ready to have that space back. Our living room is not that big and we were starting to feel the squeeze it was creating in our living space.
  Does your home and family need a fresh start this coming New Year? Why Not go flying with us and The Fly Lady...

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