Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Does your Family need a Media Diet?? I know mine does........

Pin It Now!  In the age of electronics and Video games galore I believe along with my husband that media has far too much influence over our kids, even us for that fact. We have been deep in discussions over the last couple months and have begun to make changes in our household, for instance all 3 of our children had cell phones up until this past Summer now our oldest son is the only one (he is in high school) that has one out of the boys, we have gone down to minimum packages and try to only use our phones for necessity not convenience, and you know what ?? I do not miss being on my phone all the time....   Up until School started this Fall we all had portable gaming devices, like Nintendo DSI's or PSP's but I found that even though they have their benefits the boys were always seen playing a game between those or the 3 Game Systems, X-box 360, PS3 and a Wii oh and we do have a PS2 that is still packed away from moving as well as a Gamecube.
  Me the Mom who testified to the world that I would Never have more than one system in my house at a time and stood my ground for years against most systems only let my kids have Nintendo Products our first system was a Nintendo 64, then a Gamecube while the world was playing X-Box and PS whatevers. Now don't get me wrong I did not look down on others who indulged in this game and systems they just simply were not for me. While Everyone else was getting X-Box 360 and PS3 the year they cam out we got a PS-2 That was a huge step for us and it was only about 3 years ago, that Summer we packed away the Gamecube and bought a Wii because I would actually play too. SO it was for the whole family I justified. Then I did it this last year I must have lost my mind, we move to our "Big" house with multiple levels and the kids can spread out and I went an added an X-Box 360 because my oldest son was so upset that all his friends played and he was the only one that did not have one!! How could I be so insensitive?? Oh MY Did I really fall for that, I said I would never do that. That same month I purchased the "Best" computer (the one I have wanted for ever and a day) A 23" HP Touch and it came with a really nice new laptop too. This is cool they got their new toys and I have mine, good Deal right? NOT.... Fights started over the X-Box, and still occur although not as much, because Nice honestly along with my HUBBY, yes he is as bad as the kids, that this X-Box 360 was theirs! The younger boys were heartbroken.  Then this Summer I must have been having a small nervous breakdown as I added a PS3 to our house as well. Who were we becoming Good Grief, as soon as the boys are done with school and chores they were all sitting on some sort of machine.
  My husband even argues with the kids when he wants to play! I mean Really?
    SO what have I done to stop this Madness?? We have begun to slowly over time as to not Shock the children(and my husband just do not tell him that) been eliminating Systems and Games, we have a rotation schedule as to what System is in Use that Month and the time on the systems are extremely limited.  We made the decision to not buy any video games for Christmas anymore, the boys get one new one for their Birthday and it is only 1 and if they want or "Need" a new one in between they have to sell old games to come up with at least 75% of the total combined with any saved money and Dad and I will pay the rest. This has helped cut down a ton as if they really do not want it they will not part with old games or Money. I have seen the boys come together and pool their resources for a game they all want. It has been fantastic. There has been a decrease in arguing by at least 75% if not more there are complete days without meltdowns and arguments and I do contribute this to the decrease in influence of non Christian Media.   Computer time is earned as well unless it is for something productive like work or school. And on our computers you will find K-LOVE radio always playing in the background. My kids at first were saying it was me sending them subliminal messages, who knows maybe I was, but you know what?  It works.  The boys have to EARN all time and it is working for the most part but as I have been praying for Guidance this Press release for an awesome new product arrived in my inbox.... Merry Christmas to me My Prayers have been answered. My family will be Participating in the Newly unveiled Family Media Diet, it is FREE and is launching the Day after Christmas, how perfect as we always start the New Year out with new Ideas, plans and rules and organizational tips, those I will save for another post, but there is a ton of exciting things going to be happening next week in our house in preparation for the New Year. New Year Fresh Start that is our plan each and every year and this is no exception. SO Take a Look and see if your Family Needs a Media Diet and Join my family and many others Next week and start New and Build a Better Family with much less Media Influence. This will allow more time for Family interactive experiences, we never realized how much time we were not spending with each other due to all of the other stuff we were doing, but now we have so much Free time to go on outings and play board games and just talk. We also have Family Movie night several times a week, instead of the kids all going their separate ways to watch whatever. My Family is far from perfect but we have been on a year long journey of change and their has been many aspects of that journey and it is far from over, but in the coming year to continue our journey we will restructure things to keep us on a smooth road to family recovery. I hope you will join us in that journey....
New Free Media Diet Calculator Planned to Launch Dec. 26

Aims to Bring Awareness of Family Media Intake Versus Real Life Interaction

Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 15, 2010… After a season filled with record-setting cell phone and gaming gifts to teens and tweens, iShine is announcing the upcoming Dec. 26 release of the Family Media Diet Calculator. The calculator is a new tool providing customized awareness to families in regards to how much time they spend connected to media in comparison to the amount of hours they spend plugged in with real life interaction and content consumption.

By visiting http://www.familymediadiet.com/, parents nationwide will be able to plug in amounts of time their families spend texting, browsing online, consuming television and more. They will then be able to print a free custom analysis of where their families are spending their time in comparison to their involvement in recreational and faith-based activities along with family time and reading. The campaign is not an anti-technology movement. It is about use awareness and being intentional about the content.

It is estimated that the 20 million tweens in this country spend 25 hours a week watching television and playing video games and only one hour in church. George Barna (The Barna Group), a pioneer in research on Christian culture, recently noted that kids spend more time absorbing media than anything else in their lives, except sleeping. A recent article in The New York Times titled “Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction”  also discussed the effects of technology compared to focusing and learning.

“We as parents must be deliberate of what media our kids consume, understanding that it is forming the way our kids look at everything – self image, friends, parents, leaders, themselves,” remarks iShine Founder and Chief Creative Officer Robert Beeson. “If we as parents aren’t actively forming the person our kid’s are becoming – make no mistake – someone else is.”

iShine, known for bringing family-friendly media options through tours, music, television and radio mediums, is sponsoring the free Media Diet Calculator. The organization will also be releasing a new interactive Bible for tweens with Tyndale House Publishers in Feb. of 2011.

More about iShine:
iShine is a Christian media group dedicated to ministering to “tweens” and their families. Tweens are defined as children between the ages of 7 and 13, and represent the single most influential age group in the world today. Mainstream media and consumer marketing groups focus their messages of identity, popularity and value predominately to the “tween” marketplace for a reason. iShine reaches today’s “tweens” through Biblically-based live concerts events (iShineLIVE!), unique television programming seen weekly on TBN (iShine KNECT), iShine artist releases to CD and DVD, interactive websites and coming in 2011, an entire line of books and Bibles all specifically designed to be relevant to this vital audience.

  I was not compensated in anyway to publish this post, I was simply forwarded the Press Release by Tyndale Publishers and was given the option of posting a blog post about it if I felt I wanted to, this is something I am a strong advocate of and felt compelled to write about.


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