Friday, November 12, 2010

Wow!! What A week!!!

Pin It Now!     Well for once I get to recap our week within the actual week in which it happened.  We had a busy weekend last weekend, It was my monthly Red Hat Lunch with my girls, Church on Sunday, Dinner at my parents Sunday evening and then of course Monday was Taylor's 11th Birthday. So no school for us it was a holiday in our house. Taylor got taken out to Breakfast by his Nana and Papa, while he was gone I went to get his cake, then we all went out to lunch at Taylor's Favorite place Sho Gun and had so much to eat that everyone was too full for cake. SO we came home, waited a while ate dinner and then headed to Nana and Papa's for Cake to finish celebrating the day.
        Tuesday was a jam packed day of school we are about 2 weeks behind and need to get caught up if we have any hopes of taking December off for the Holidays. My hope at the beginning of the year was to stay on Target so that when Nick broke from school for Thanksgiving we would be done until January. But I did not anticipate Starbase and some sickness and other things so Now we are buckling down and doing several days at a time. The good news is the boys have been staying caught up with Math so we are on Target for that and we also do our Bible each day so we are on task for that is well. So the only catch up we are doing is Social Studies, Science and Language Arts so it should not be too hard, the kids were very motivated in Tuesday so we accomplished 4 days worth of work in our school slotted time so I felt accomplished.
      Tuesday night was our small group and we had a blessed time as usual.
              Wednesday the boys were both out of sorts so we did just the basics and then took an afternoon nap.  Wednesday night was Church, Powerhouse and Royal Rangers so it was another busy evening.
    Thursday was our final day of enrich for the Fall Semester, Next week is registration is next week for Winter session but it does not start up until January. SO a break from that for a while and that will also give us back a day to do our school work as we do not do school on Enrich days either.
          Thursday evening was Moms Night out with friends I won tickets to Grosse Pointe Theater so we went out to dinner then headed out to the play. It was "Annie get your gun" and it was great, but long. We did not get out until 10:45 then I had to drop everyone home, on my way from dropping the last person off I got a phone call from the kids that our bunnies that we thought were both females had 5 babies. I was shocked and then full of worry about what to do to keep them safe, thankfully we found a second cage to put the daddy in, after we figured out which one that might be.
    Today was school in the am then we headed to a church rummage sale to seek out some items on our need list.
   and to end the exciting busy week and start the weekend I am heading out to scrapbook this whole weekend with the ladies from my small group I am so excited I have not scrapped in well over a year, and I am hoping this gets me motivated again. I am hoping to make a small book for my Mom for Christmas and also start a 12 x 12 for our Home school adventures. I figure it will be easier to get back in the groove starting a new small project that will be easy to complete and also get current on and then start back to where I left off before. Which is I do not even remember.  So I will be checking in again Sunday evening sometime.
  Have a great weekend everyone and have a Blessed day.

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