Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let The Christmas Holidays Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pin It Now!   Well things have been busy around our house gearing up for the Thanksgiving Holiday,on the 24th was the 17th Anniversary of my Grandpa Wayne's passing and it fell once again on Thanksgiving EVE, during the day we went to take his Grave Blanket out to the Cemetery and then went to lunch, that evening we went to our first Thanksgiving Eve Mass at our new church and it was fantastic and very moving, and I also thought very fitting considering the day, I personally saw God working on Nick's heart right there next to me, it moved me to tears and I thanked God right then and there and then again everyday since. It is wonderful and I am forever grateful for God's Grace and Healing for our whole family.
    Gears are shifting and it is time to rev our engines for the month long celebration of Christmas, Our Savior's Birth. We must all sit back even through the hustle and bustle of the season of Merry and remember what this upcoming Holiday is really about. I know we are refocusing our family on what the true meaning of Christmas is and there is much less  emphasis being put on the retail aspect this year.   We are focusing more on family traditions old and new and that started with prepping our home for the holidays and making it festive and cozy both inside and out. We have decorated our yard with our decorations and also the ones papa gave Alyx this year many of which he made with his own hands and that was a huge deal for Alyx to be handed down these precious decorations. He has been working hard all week to get it just right and I think it may be done today so when it is all ready I will take and post some pics. He is very proud of his work.
  Yesterday was the first time in many, many years I did not venture out to do any holiday shopping, in the past we have braved the cold and the crowds but in recent years I have suffered physically from the elements and its effects on my body and I made the conscious decision to put me first and not put my body through the agony as each year it is taking me longer and longer to come back from as MS attack. Why put myself through one on purpose. I did venture out Thanksgiving morning around 930 and put some items in layaway. I also did some online shopping yesterday as well. .So I am feeling a little accomplished and don't have much more to get done as far as presents go. The kids know that this year they are only getting a couple gifts and our family gift is coming this spring, we are getting a big permanent pool. We have had it in layaway since the end of the Summer and will get paid off with our Income Tax and is being installed the week before Memorial Day, we are all so excited.  Then my mom and I went to see You Again at the movies in the afternoon before dinner, then it was time to eat and then Trim the Tree time.

       We have a busy month of Celebrating starting this week with our Enrich Family Holiday Pot Luck. Also next weekend we have Nick turning 14 on Saturday and I have my Red Hat Christmas Lunch, and My parents annual Christmas party as well.  Then the next week is Ladies Christmas Dinner and Tea at Church, My mom is even gonna go. Shocker there but I have faith and hope.
 We have so much to be thankful for and we are so truly blessed in every aspect of our family,home and faith. We have found not only in the last year or so put GOD at the forefront of our life and family but we have bought our First HOME. We will grow old here and have our Grand kids visit us here and that is just wonderful to think of. We started home schooling this year and that was a wonderful journey to start with our family as well. We listened to God lead our heart and we found that when we do that GOOD Things do happen and that all things happen for a reason and  God truly does have a plan. AMEN
  We  started small group Bible study a few months ago and also joined the Church Bowling league for fellowship as well. We have met the most awesome people through our Church and I truly believe it is because God led us there and we followed him.
  Alyx and I started what's cooking at Church and we are loving that and we are doing a Christmas cookie exchange this coming month with that group.
   My Mom and Step-Dad's Anniversary is coming up on the 21st they will have been married 26 years this year. I was in 3rd grade when they got married.
  On the 23rd will be the Anniversary of my Father's Death and I cannot believe he has been gone 11 years.
 I miss him so much it hurts but I "talk" with him often and know he is my boys' Guardian Angel.
    Well this post went much deeper that I had prepared, but sometimes it is just good to get it all out. This year I am asking for BLOG 2 PRINT for my blog so that even though I scrapbook I will have all my thoughts in writing for my family as well considering I just stink at journaling.
    One last thing we were recently blessed by getting "new" used furniture for FREE and I am loving my new living room set up. God truly does provide in our times of Need.
So here are some pics of how the living room is now rearranged partly for the new furniture and partly because the tree went up.
Have a great  start to your Christmas Season and I will be back soon with some reviews and giveaways.

                                         we moved my large curio away from the wall by the front door to the corner near the hallway next to our "new" Tv stand (we ditched our huge wall unit which was not so sturdy after being moved 4 times over the years and since we had gotten it FREE on craigslist I say we got our money worth out of it.
 Here is our "new" sectional recliner, sofa bed, we just need to get a full size sleeper mattress and we will be all set
                                         the smaller Tv unit
                                                  I got this Daily Portrait for hosting one of their parties but we have not had a wall to put it on until now, we have now hung it above our TV since the wall unit is not blocking the area
                                                 the smaller curio is in the corner behind the couch and this awesome tapestry I had picked up at a yard sale proudly adorns our wall
Well there you have it the life of our busy crazy family, but I would not have it any other way.
God Bless you all

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