Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday to my Baby Boy!!

Pin It Now! I am a little late in writing your letter, I wanted to scan some pictures of you through the years but the scanner was not cooperating so here is a pic of you on your 11th Birthday November 8,2010.  It surely was a day of continuous celebration.

You have come a long way Baby, but let us go back to the beginning where it all began.
We say to this day that your spirit and spunk and your zest for life came from way back when you were still in my tummy. At 12 weeks we thought for sure we were losing you only to find out I needed emergency gall bladder surgery. It was your Dad's Birthday and I was so upset to have ruined for him, and we were so scared you would not survive the surgery, the doctors prepared us for the worst case scenario.
After several hours, the surgery was complete and they told us the next 24-48 hrs would be critical for your survival but you beat the odds and came though like a trooper, at this point we did not even know you were a boy, it was too early to tell. Several weeks went by and when I was 24 weeks pregnant I doubled over with excruciating pain, my only thought was of you and that you were ok, and we went off to the hospital only to find out I had a strangulated umbilical hernia and it needed to be immediately repaired, again this was a scary time to be doing surgery as it could send me into labor and it was way too soon for you to come. You again beat the odds and pulled through and I was off to bed rest for the next few weeks. At 27  weeks I was having more pain and into the hospital I went again, this time to find out I had a cyst on one of my ovaries the size of your head and you were breech and were kicking it, fear of the unknown of what the cyst contained frightened us all and they admitted me to complete bed rest in the hospital on a Morphine Drip until it was safe enough for you to be born, I remained in the hospital for a month while you continued to cook a little longer. Friday November 5th they sent me for an amnio to check your lungs,and then sent me home for the weekend to be with your brothers and await the test results Late Friday evening the DR called and told me to come to the hospital Monday morning at 6 am for a C-Section you were coming early for the health of you and I both. Monday morning arrived and you were out in  a jiffy born at 9:36 AM. 31 weeks and 3 days 6lbs 1 oz. 18 inches long. But you immediately started having difficulties and were taken to the NICU. There you would stay for almost 4 weeks, various problems kept preventing you from coming home to be with us, Finally on November 30th you joined your brothers and us and we were complete at last.
Over the course of the first year you were behind due to being a preemie, but little did we know you were going to be diagnosed just before your second birthday with Autism just like your brother Alyx. But this time we knew what we were dealing with and got you help immediately, and it shows so much today. You have come so far and are almost caught up to your peers and enjoy being a daredevil, and making my heart skip beats. You still do not like certain tactile things like kisses and hugs which makes my heart break, but you love to be tickled and I sneak a kiss now and then and you put up with it.
You are so talented you are an expert in Origami and you have developed a love for Magic and we get to have a show daily to let you show off your latest trick or Origami Creation. You love to skateboard and you idolize your big brother Nick. Anything he does you want to do too.
You are loving home school and enjoy the freedom it gives you to learn things that interest you. You love taking field trips and going to the library. It is so fun to watch you start maturing into a young man, I know you are anxious to grow and look your age but I like that you are staying small. You will be grown fast enough and I will miss you when you are too big to sit on my lap and call me mommy. I love your enthusiasm for life and your never ending chatter even though sometimes I just want a moment of silence, you even talk in your sleep! It is so hard to believe that 11 yrs has passed so quickly I hope the next 11 go a little slower. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you as your curiosity and zest for learning takes you to places you never thought possible. Although I tease your brothers and tell them which ever of them leaves home first takes the monkey with them, please know my monkey always has a place at home until he is ready to swing to a branch of his own.
I love you mommy's monkey and don't you ever forget God has a plan for you and your life and you are on this earth with a mission that God has given you even though we may not know what it is yet, it will all unfold in due time.
Happy 11th Birthday My Sweet Baby Boy

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Happy birthday to your littlest!!

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