Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Pin It Now!    This year was cold for Halloween but the kids enjoyed it none the less, we kicked off the weekend with Trunk or Treating at our Church and then did our yearly ritual on Sunday with going to my parents for Dinner, I sit with my Mom and Alyx's Godmother and hand out candy while Dave takes the boys on my Parent's street for candy, candy and more candy, this year was nice cause Nick and Ashley went with us. Then after they are done on that block we head on over to my Grandma's old neighborhood to catch up with all of our old neighbors, my grandma had her house built there in 1965 and did not move until 2001 and many of the original neighbors remain there and look forward to our visit each Halloween. Although the kids all decided this was our last year, next year we will do Trunk or Treating at church because we all volunteer plus the kids can get some candy, and we will for the first time ever hand out candy at our own home. Now that we own this house and unless something big happens we will not be moving anytime soon, we feel we should begin a new tradition as our kids continue to mature and grow into young men. They can trick or treat on our block if they decide to do that next year.
   Here are some photos from our Halloween Weekend starting with Trunk or Treat and ending with Halloween Night

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