Friday, November 5, 2010

Family and Homeschool Update

Pin It Now!  Life around here just never seems to slow down, it has been a crazy busy Fall, Enrich is winding down, next week is the last one for the Fall session and then we sign up for Winter session that starts after the holidays, it is a welcome break before the Holidays and maybe will allow us some time for some of the fun activities we have been wanting to do but do not seem to have enough hours in the day to do them all, and during Enrich we take Thursdays off from our normal school routine. It is just too hectic that day and we use the morning to do our weekly errands since that also happens to be payday, and we go out to lunch before Enrich with Daddy and then head off to class. We were running ragged the last few weeks as for 3 weeks a couple days a week the boys were attending Starbase, and I was carpooling with a friend to get all the kids back and forth to the military base by 830 each morning. Making lunches, something I am so not used to and heading out the door was something that reminded me of how much I enjoy the mornings of home school we can chose to get dressed or not, and many mornings we eat breakfast at our school tables, in our pajamas.  I am thankful this November for so many things and the ability to stay home and home school my kids is a huge part of what I am thankful for.
   Bowling is going great, we bowl for the 3rd time tonight, it is such a great evening of fellowship with our Church friends and I am so thankful for the fact that our bowling alley does not allow drinking and now that the Michigan law has passed there is no smoking either.
  Our Small group is going great also, we meet every Tuesday night, and it is such a great way to grow closer as a couple and to strengthen our walk with our Lord. It has also been another wonderful time to fellowship and get to know our new church friends as well.
   Taylor's Birthday is coming up on Monday, I cannot believe he is going to be 11, that little boy sure has had his fair share of battles to get where he is today. I of course will be writing my annual birthday letter to him this coming Monday I will probably start it this weekend so I can cry a little longer LOL. I always sob my way through those letters but I love reminiscing about their journey to their current birthday.
   Alyx leaves today with the Powerhouse group to go to his first Youth Convention in Grand Rapids, I am so excited for his to have this powerful experience with Our Almighty God.
    We continue to pray about the safe return of my cousin Scotty, who Praise God will be back home in Hawaii with his beautiful new bride on Sunday. We continue to pray for all those still overseas that they may have a safe journey home to their family as well.  And continued prayers for those families who have suffered loss in this war, that they may fine peace with the Lord to heal their broken hearts.
     As we get ready for the Harvest Season of Thanksgiving may you all be blessed with abundance these coming weeks.
 Until Next Week
God Bless You All

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