Monday, October 18, 2010

United States Trivia Games Review

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Python Printables is fast becoming my go to site for fun printable games for every occasion for my family. I was especially interested in their United States Trivia Pack. We are studying Geography this school year and this fits in perfect for morning work when they are finished with an assignment and are waiting for their sibling to finish so we can move on. There is a download and print page for every state in the country. The kids are learning fun facts and enjoy completing the sheets and look forward to the next one.

As with all Python Printables from http://www.python-printable-games.com/ you get a download link that is good for 5 visits, what I try to do is set aside a time when I can download them all to my computer or disk at once time so I don't have a problem with gaining access to my printables. It really does not take too long and you have them forever and can print them over and over once you download them.

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