Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thoughts and Ponderings

Pin It Now!   Hubby and I enjoyed our first night on our Church bowling league, I had to say for me not really bowling more than 2x in 5 years I did pretty good and far better than I thought I would. My 2nd game was my highest and it was 125. I was a nice little healthy competition for my hubby and I and I am proud to say I beat him all 3 games so the war is on LOL. He tells me when we go back in 2 weeks he is going to beat me so we will see, it was so nice to get out and get to meet others from our church on a more personal level. I am still amazed how family orientated the whole congregation is and how eager to get to know everyone they are and there are some home school families as well all with boys Alyx and Taylor's ages, so that will be nice as the boys get to know them through Royal Rangers and Power House. Alyx will be going to his very first Youth Convention with Power House the first weekend in November and he is so excited. In his words"I just know it will change my life mom!"  I am so proud of how far he has come and how Social he has become this year, he is loving Boy Scouts and Power House and bowling, both boys' bowling is steadily improving week by week. We bowl the same day they do but the church league is only every other week. The trick is getting the kids home and then turning right around and getting Dave and I to our league but it went ok this past week so no worries.
  This Tuesday Dave and I start Small Group Ministries and we are so excited as our group is meeting at another Home School Family's house that we bowl with so it will be nice to get to mingle with them on another night of the week as well. They have also expressed interest in getting the boys all together to hang out they have 5 boys all 8-10 a set of triplets and a set of twins and they also have 2 older kids as well, and they live close to us as well.  
  Our study for Small groups and Sunday Church for the next 8 weeks is Life's Healing Choices. This is what we will be studying. I am hoping to blog a bit each week about what the week's topic was. And what Dave and I both got out of it. I believe God had his hand in this when he put this in our path and I am thankful to him for that and so much more.

The boys start Starbase this week as well and are so excited, it is 5 almost full day sessions 2 this week, 2 next and 1 the last week and an on base field trip as well. It is being held at our local military base. I cannot wait to hear all about it.
I am starting my Stampin Up stamp club this week and I am looking forward to fellowship with friends as we make some cards and projects. I am also looking forward to ordering my share of the club this month, I think I will buy Christmas Stamps so the kids and I can make our Christmas Cards this year as part of art class for school.
We are also going to be making Christmas Cards for our Soldiers that are over seas. This will be a service project as we are also packing some stockings for the troops as well.
Well I think that is all for now I am sitting here smelling homemade lasagna cook as it is almost done and we will be heading out to my parents for Dinner as they just got home from their cruise and have not seen the kids in over a week and my mom is having another eye surgery tomorrow morning, so she will be recovering this week and will not be up to seeing them so we are taking dinner to them and having a family dinner. Today is another beautiful Michigan day and I am loving this weather and enjoying have the windows wide open, I hope it lasts a little while longer.
Have a great week everyone.

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