Monday, October 18, 2010

Olivers Labels: Cute and Colorful Review

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    I love the personalized label companies, what I love even more is a company made in the USA and a fun colorful design. Oliver's Labels is all of the above. They also have something that other companies I have reviewed did not. A tracking code on the labels, so if you lose your belonging the person who finds it goes to the website on the label and puts your personal tracking code in, it then generates an email to you so you can retrieve your item it does not give the person who found your item your personal info until you contact them back. So it is safe and secure.
I love the colorful multi color designs and was so pleased with the speedy delivery as well.
  We chose the School design with our last name on the labels. They are perfect for labeling our lunch boxes for our field trips and also any other belongings the kids may take along to co-op or a play date or field trip or even church. I also love that they have labels to alert people of allergies such as peanuts. The safety bracelets are great for small children in a crowded environment who may become separated. You will be so pleased to work with this company. The communication and the speedy shipping are definite pluses.
Visit http://www.oliverslabels.com/ and order yours today.

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thriftymomma said...

Wow! I like those labels and I love this blog. So cute. I have a daughter with special needs and she wanders - a lot lately. So I have some similar bracelets and am really interested in these. Very cool!

Paula http://www.thriftymommastips.blogspot.com/