Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Homecoming 2010 Today is the Day!!

Pin It Now! Well today is the day, my first born is going to his first formal, and his first dance as a High Schooler, Freshman Homecoming Day is here, last night him and Ashley went to the Parade and the Football game, it was one of the warmest homecoming games I can remember it hit 77 degrees yesterday so at least that did not have to freeze, then this afternoon I took them to a favorite photo op spot of mine and took advantage of this beautiful 72 degree no clouds in the sky, sun shining brightly and subjected my son to more of my obnoxious photo taking, he hates to be photographed with a passion so this was a huge sacrifice for me and his girlfriend Ashley, yesterday also happened to be their 5 month anniversary so it was kind of sweet to celebrate with Homecoming. Here are the pics from this afternoon's photo shoot.

this last one is my favorite of them all

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