Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Family Fun

Pin It Now! It is not too often these days that we are all together to be able to go do something fun, the weekends Dave always works and during the week when he is off Nick is at school. Yesterday Nick was home and Dave was off so we decided to visit an orchard that we passed a dozen or more times on the way to camp last year and we were going to buy season passes when we were looking at houses in romeo and richmond. Well we actually finally got a chance to go out there yesterday as a family. we jumped at the opportunity as it was a unseasonably warm day for mid October and with Taylor's Cold Urticaria it makes it much more enjoyable for him to be able to attend this type of outing, in the past he has had to be so bundled all he did was complain.
Here are some of the pics, I took 87 in all Yes I am a shutter bug, here are the best and the rest are in an album on my facebook profile if you are a friend of mine.

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