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Call Me Kate:Meeting the Molly Maguires by Molly Roe BLOG TOUR

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Book Description: Coming of age amidst the seething unrest of the Civil War era, feisty fourteen-year-old Katie McCafferty infiltrates the Molly Maguires, a secret Irish organization, to rescue a lifelong friend. Under the guise of Dominick, a draft resister, Katie volunteers for a dangerous mission in hopes of preventing bloodshed. Katie risks job, family, and ultimately her very life to intervene. A series of tragedies challenge Katie's strength and ingenuity, and she faces a crisis of conscience. Can she balance her sense of justice with the law? Call Me Kate is suitable for readers from eleven to adult. The story is dramatic and adventuresome, yet expressive of daily life in the patches of the hard coal region during the Civil War era. This novel will appeal to readers of the Dear America series, as well as more mature readers who will enjoy the story's rich context and drama.

About the Author: Molly Roe is the pen name of Mary Garrity Slaby, a veteran language arts & reading teacher at Lake-Lehman Junior Senior High School. Mary holds a Ph.D. in education from Temple University, and Pennsylvania teaching certification in six areas. She has pursued the hobby of genealogy for the past decade. Mary was born in Philadelphia, raised in Schuylkill County, and currently lives in Dallas, Pennsylvania with her husband, John. They are parents of two grown children, Melissa and John Garrett, cover illustrator of Call Me Kate. Digging into the past has given Mary new found respect for her ancestors and a better understanding of history. Call Me Kate is the first in the author's trilogy of historical novels loosely based on the lives of the strong women who preceded her.

My personal Thoughts on this book:
I found this book to be a tad intense, I as a parent would definitely read this before giving it to my preteen or young teen. I did however like that it was written from a young girl's perspective, who is going through war and normal teen issues all at the same time. This book was definitely a different spin than most books written for this time period. I would suggest this book for a teen book group as this would definitely open the doors for a discussion with many points of views. When you compare Kate to teen girls of modern times there is a balance as today's teens have to worry about the economy and their families financial burdens just as Kate had to worry about the ongoing War around her. I feel the book could have carried on a little while longer as to draw out the story a bit, but all in all it was a good read.

DISCLAIMER : I was given an advanced reader version of this book free of charge from the publisher, but it in no way contributed to my opinion, my opinions were formed solely on my own without influence.

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Tribute Books said...

Jennifer - thanks for sharing "Call Me Kate" with your blog readers. We appreciate your support of the book.

I agree with you that "Call Me Kate" is perfect for young adult discussion groups. It is great way to explain the history behind the time and place of the book's setting.

I'm glad that you liked Katie as a heroine. She provides a great look at the events of the time period through a teenager's eyes.

Best wishes,
Tribute Books