Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy Busy Fall

Pin It Now!                  So September has come and gone and now we move onto October. We were busy as usual last week, My Mom had to go for a test for her upcoming Surgery down at Henry Ford last Wednesday so road schooling that day it was, Youth Group Wednesday night for the boys, Thursday was co-op. Here are the pictures from the first day the week before, I finally had a chance to upload them. The boys really did not need new backpacks this year as we only use them once or maybe twice on some weeks, but they found these this summer and wanted them bad enough that they bought them with their own money. They are very proud to show their faith through their school supplies. Alyx got  matching folder and notebook to go with his backpack for co-op.

Alyx made Sloppy Joes from Scratch they were yummy, us moms got a sample this time. He is on the Yearbook committee too so he just happened to have his camera in his backpack in the kitchen  and took pictures of that day's kitchen masterpiece.

 Taylor learned a new magic trick and expressed his mood with the color yellow. He drew the Joe Boxer Smiley guy.
  We all seem to be finally getting into our busy routine, but some days I just wish we had nothing to do, you know what I mean. But I manage to pick myself up and keep moving. Fridays the boys bowl and they both seem to be improving greatly. Here are some pics I took this past week.

Dave and I start bowling this Friday night on our Church League we are on a team with a couple we met at church, Gyda and Dave. It is every other Friday so I it wont be too much on me, we are so excited.
Friday Night my friend Lisa and I went to Grosse Pointe Theater for a performance of God Spell. We both left with mixed feelings, the performance itself was wonderful but the actual content left us both feeling disturbed. We can say we saw it, but that is as far as it goes. We did get the tickets free so that helps.
Saturday I was not feeling well at all, so I had to miss my monthly lunch with my girls but I did not feel up to going at all. As the day wore on I did improve enough to take Nick and Ashley to Olan Mills to get Homecoming Pictures taken. I had hoped to take them myself at a local park that has a pond and gazebo but the weather stunk this weekend so that was out of the question. Homecoming is coming up on the 9th they are both so excited, I will post the proofs as soon as I figure out how to download them to my computer from their site, if you are a friend of mine on facebook I did manage to "share" some their through the buttons on the Olan Mills website. They all turned out great! It was hard to chose so we bought a package with a few poses and got the CD as part of the package to have the copyrights to them all. I feel Christmas gifts in the works with those.
Sunday was church and after was the all church Family BBQ, the food was delicious the fellowship even better, and there was even giant inflatables for the kids, the boys played for a while but then it started raining so we went home, cold and rain do not mix for Taylor.
When we arrived home Alyx wanted to go to the local fire station open house, he wanted to say hi to his Firehouse Grub teacher, we did not see him but we saw many cool things and learned some too. Here are a couple pics we did not get many as the weather took a dive into rain again for the 2nd time that day so camera got put away and we ended up leaving shortly there after. Some of the lines were long for what Alyx wanted to do and many younger kids so he decided to pass on things like blasting the fire hoses.

I wonder what this week will bring, tonight is a potluck salad dinner for the Moms of our co-op, that should be fun and then homecoming, not sure what else will unfold but there is always something to do around here.
What happened that was exciting for your family last weekend? Do you have anything fun planned this week coming up? Please Share, it is always fun to hear what others are up to especially in their home school adventures.
Until Next time May God Bless you and yours...


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