Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 14

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Day 14: A Picture You Love
I love all pictures I take obviously since I took them for a reason, they all have some meaning but here are a few of my favorites from this past year.

                 I love this picture as it signifies a deep bond between multiple generations, this is my kids with their Great-Grandma enjoying a day at the museum she was almost 90 in this picture.

I love this picture as it demonstrates the unbreakable bond between good friends, this is me  and my closest friends on a trip to Grand Rapids for a Red Hat Convention

I love catching my kids in motion, this is Taylor showing me his new trick when we got our trampoline in the spring, during our "Gym" time

                                         I also love detail shots, the kind of picture where you do not realize how cool it is until you get home and blow it up on the computer, this was taken in May on a field trip with some home school friends to our local zoo.  I love how you can see moisture in his nose and all of his whiskers.

This is one of my favorites as it is all my kids laughing and having a good time together with their Dad and as my oldest entered high school and is often hard to get pics of all of them together with their Dad as my hubby works weekends when Nick is home from school.
Last but not least I love this picture taken this year the weekend of homecoming as it shows what a fine, loving young man my son is growing up to be and his adorable girlfriend who is already become part of our family. It signifies what is yet to be.

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Kit said...

What great pictures....you must be SO proud of your handsome young men!