Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 13

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Day 13: Goals

Goals are so wonderful to have, they keep life on schedule to a point
I have many goals and I break them down into categories
Life and Personal

To stregthen my walk with Christ
To stregthen my marriage with Christ
To stay in remission with my MS ( I know this is beyond my control but by elimintaing as much stress from my life as possible it can be helped)
To do my daily devotions all year without missing a day
To cook more meals and try to keep ahead of the cooking so on busy days I am not tempted to make my family packaged meals or order out
To not let the little things bother me
Not worry what other people think
To Let God have control of my life


We want to make sure to not fall to far behind, our goal is to take December off and be done by Memorial Day if not sooner for the Summer.
To just have fun !!
Not get stressed out that things do not go as scheduled
Take more fieldtrips than last year
Make new Friends for the kids and myself
Get the kids caught up to grade level in Math (in public school they fell very behind and the school did not do anything to help that we are getting there but that is the subject they struggle with most.
Get Alyx's Hand writing to be legible ( he has bad fine motor skills always have but we are doing home OT and it is improving daily.


To contiune going to small group with my Hubby as this is a great way to strengthen our marriage.
To make room for date night at least once a month but hopefully 2
To strengthen our communication between us, make time each day to really talk to each other with the kids around.
Not to be nitpicky with my hubby about the small things


Get the 2 nd bathroom put in the basement
Central Air in the Spring
Backyard landscaped
New privacy fence \
Have our new pool installed (currently scheduled for week before Memorial day)
new deck and door wall put in the kitchen
paint the school room
New fridge for kitchen (this week) and old fridge downstairs
november start freezer cooking

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Aimee said...

How great it is for you to have so many goals, especially those relating to your marriage. Many of my personal goals are in that area as well. I always think that having goals is a great thing. It gives us something to aspire, pray, and dream for :)