Friday, October 22, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 12

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Day 12: What You Believe
 I believe that God is the only one truly in control.
I believe in fate and that all things happen for a reason: Good or Bad
I believe in Heaven and Hell and that in order to get to Heaven you need to be right with GOD.
I believe that God knew what he was doing by allowing me to have my children early in life, as if I had waited I am sure they would not be here. Having been Diagnosed almost 4 years ago with MS I know I could not handle a small child now.
I believe that when doctors told me 4 years ago I would never walk again GOD had his hand on me and healed me through my new found faith and strength in the Lord.
I believe that after I was healed by God, I walked away from the Lord yet again, and it took several small family tragedies for me to find my way back to the Lord our GOD
I believe it was in God's plan to home school my children and wish I would have listened to what God was telling me many years ago instead of listening to many others telling me I could not home school.
I believe God gives us our strength to carry on every day.
I believe God has a plan for my family and it is a big one......
Every  day started with the Lord is a very good day.

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