Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What has been happening around here lately!!

Pin It Now!   WHEW!! What a whirlwind month this has been. All of the fall "school" activities have begun and the roller coaster ride begins. The boys are doing very well this year and are excited to begin some new activities. The boys started Bowling 2 Fridays ago and are loving that. We have recently joined a new church and Alyx made the switch this past week to Powerhouse, the junior/senior high youth group. We also began Enrich which the boys are looking forward to their next class this coming Thursday. Alyx has also joined a local HS Boy Scout Troop and went on his first campout with them this past weekend. He loved it. I am so happy to see him blossoming socially this year, and I cannot help but think that without the added stress of school it helps him relax in smaller social settings. He is really enjoying being a pre teen, now if we could get Taylor to do the same, he is still very apprehensive about certain settings especially without Alyx there. This year is proving to be a real growth year for him, as the gap has widened between him and Alyx a bit more. Alyx moved to an older age group for both Church and Enrich and that is proving to be a little bit of a challenge. But we must let Alyx move forward and not hold him back because of this brother any longer. We will get through this with God's Grace.
   As I stated we have joined a new Church and finally feel at home spiritually there, it is the perfect fit for our family and we all love attending Church Service there. Dave and I have also joined the Church Bowling League every other Friday Night. We cannot wait to go to our first one. I also attended a Ladies Retreat this weekend, I was so touched by the welcoming we have received and how everyone went out of their way to introduce themselves to me this weekend at the ladies function. We had such a great weekend of Worship and Fellowship and raising money for a great cause, Vision Hope. This is an organization that runs camp for abused and neglected foster kids. This is a cause near and dear to my heart, as my sister has adopted 2 foster kids. We had a wonderful speaker Sharon Swanepoel from God's Glory Ministries. She has a simply amazing voice and her and her husband are very inspirational evangelists.
     Nick is gearing up for his first Homecoming. He is going with his girlfriend Ashley, I just love her to death and could not have hand picked another girl for him if I had tried myself. They have been going together for almost 5 months. They are going to his homecoming game and Parade and her Dance which is his old school. It was unfortunate that both dances fell the same night but this way he gets to celebrate with his old neighborhood friends.
  The weather here has been a little strange one day 89 and the next 58 can you say GLOBAL WARMING, but I am so ready for the Fall Festivities but can I put an order in for 70 degree weather from now until May?? Just wondering?
  Well I think that is all that has happened since my last update but who knows I may think of something later but I will save it for next time. 
Hope you had a good week last week! What did you do fun?

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Anonymous said...

Well, my son went to Enrich too and joined Cub Scouts! :)

Lisa Rathbun

MollyinMinn said...

So nice that he is with someone you like. Makes a world of difference, doesn't it. Well here is to a great fall!