Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Lakes Recycling Home School Field Trip 9/14/2010

Pin It Now! As we continue or journey to be a Greener Family and to help spread that message to family and friends and other home school families, I set up a Home School Field Trip to GLR Great Lakes Recycling Center's new education and tour facility in New Boston, MI
We invited some of our home school friends along for the trip and we had a beautiful day of learning and fellowship with a picnic at Apple Charlie's Orchard right up the road from GLR. We got to see animals and feed them while we were there so that was an added bonus.
The kids learned so much about the recycling process on our tour, the kids and I talked in the car, as it really opened our eyes to what happens to the recyclables after it is picked up by our trash company and before it is made into items we purchase. We even got to see one of the trucks from our Trash company, so that was neat too. If you live in the area I highly recommend the trip it really was not that far a drive maybe 40 minutes with construction.
Here is what we saw....
                            Some of the kids ready to start the tour waiting for everyone else to come up the elevator.
Trucks coming in to the weigh station to pick up baled recycled bundles.
Trash Trucks coming into drop off.
The Hallway where you can see the recyclables being dumped off and there is a whole shelf of examples of what can be recycled by your family.
Our Tour Guide explaining what is happening
Piles and piles of recyclables waiting to be sorted through the plant
Alyx and Taylor watching the trucks dumping off all their pick ups
The kids had fun spotting unique items that we would have never thought to recycle like this Home Depot Drink Cooler
Our trash company Waste Management dropping off
Republic's truck had a press that pushed all the items out of the truck it went very quick
3 trucks all at once
it all leaves the dumping center and goes up the conveyor to start the sorting process
we watched the beginning of the sorting process where they weed out all the things that do not belong, and also large cardboard, and plastic bags

The plastic bags like grocery bags get sucked up this tube like a vacuum
this belt has a magnet it pulls the steel and tin up and off the belt

this takes containers and cans to another sorting area

the Baler where everything of like material is bundled to be stored waiting for companies to pick up and purchase recycled goods
this is where the bags travel after being sucked up the vacuum
this is where the baled bundles are stored

the second sorting area
I love this sign
the end of the sorting line
the end of the line
Taylor said "this was a FUN field trip MOM"
back to the meeting room for a Q and A

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