Monday, September 20, 2010

Crazy, Chaotic and Busy Need I say Anymore???

Pin It Now!  The last two weeks flew by in a blur of frenzied activities.
  Nick started High School, we started full on school and are clipping along wonderfully, my kids are Loving MFW ECC and if we skip a day or part of a day we can easily double up the next day and keep on target. It is so much easier to do school and not have to create my own lesson plans fully like last year. MFW  leaves open opportunities to add in our own supplements and the kids love all the hands on activities in ECC
 Nick's Girlfriend's Grandpa died so we had the funeral to attend to, Our GLR field trip and we also had Enrich Sign up last Thursday Night, the kids are so excited they got 2 out of 3 classes they really wanted so they are happy kids. Alyx will be taking Firehouse Grub, cooking for boys, Yearbook, and Dodge ball. Taylor will be taking Magic, Gym and Color and Mood art class, this will last for 8 weeks and then they will have new classes to sign up for. I am assisting in a girls Scrapbooking class and a science class. I am excited to see all of our home school friends again. It is always so nice to chat during my sub hour with all the other moms. The boys also started a bowling league last Friday. And tonight Boy Scout sign ups. I am so glad to see them wanting to be active it is very refreshing and shows me just how homeschooling has made them a little more adjusted. They can dive into things they want and when and not feel overwhelmed.
  Daddy did School Thursday and Friday, I am still not sure how good of an idea that was but we all survived. I was at my friends with a group of us doing our annual garage sale. I made almost $200 so I was happy, it reimbursed for Enrich sign up and the boys sold enough old video games to buy a new one they wanted and Alyx bought a new skateboard, so everyone was happy.
I have to get back to our routine this week and will have giveaways posted by the end of the week, sorry I have been slacking it has just been nuts trying to get everyone into our school year routine.
Hope everyone is doing well with the beginning of their school year .

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