Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Mattes by Andy Andrews Book Review

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 Leave it once again to Andy Andrews to make your mind wander at the possibilities of Life. The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters does just that. Do you often wonder? What does it matter if I do this or not, it only has in impact on me anyway! Wrong! Every action of every person has a profounding ripple effect that is beyond our wildest comprehension. Every single decision you make not only affects you but your family, maybe your neighbors, teachers, friends and their friends and their friends. Maybe the Earth which then includes the whole world. the possibilities are truly endless. We are striving to be a green family and this book truly made me think about that in a whole new light. If we recycle that is not only making a positive impact on our family but our neighborhood, our state, our nation and our world as a whole. If we could make a change and get others to do the same then it could in the end impact the Globe. Have you ever thought about who your actions truly impact. Drunk Drivers for instance not only endanger themselves, but their family, perfect strangers and their families and so on. I could go on and on about the possibilities of one simple action changing everything for everyone but I would much rather you pick this book up and read it for yourself, it will truly change the way you think about every decision you make. This is a great little gift book, so you may want to pick one up for someone you want to touch. Or read your copy and pass it on with a little note letting the recipient know to keep it moving, think about how your decision to buy this book could change so many others. The Butterfly Effect catch it now at a bookstore near you.

I was given a free copy of this book by Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion.

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