Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple Charlies Picnic Lunch field trip 9/14 part 2

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  Our tour guide at GLR told us of a little Orchard down the road from their building so we took our lunch along with our friends over to the Orchard, we were excited to learn that the barn with the animals was free of charge, so I bought the kids a bag of feed to share amongst them to distribute to the animals and off we went after lunch, it was an absolutely glorious day of 75 degrees and complete Sunshine God Blessed us with so we should use it to our best advantage.

these Sunflower shots turned out Fantastic!! The were at least 10 ft tall
This was the largest bunny I have ever seen in my life, I would love to know what they feed it??
This was the bees going into a hive the farm had made out of an old window and put glass in the back so you could see the honeycomb but it was too hard to get a good shot of the back with how it was situated.

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