Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 8/4 Our New Fuzzy Friends

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Alyx's Bunny Midnight and Taylor's Bunny Butterscotch they are 8 weeks old today
                                        Midnight loves hanging out with Alyxander on the couch

3 thoughts shared:

Cher said...

So cute!

Danelle said...

Oh I just have to comment on the bunnies. They are soooooo adorable and I am soooooooo severly allergic.

We ended up getting one because my kids did the "sad face and well up with tears" act on mom. The kids picked out the lonley mini black one (like midnight) and named him "Bun-Bun"

I must say that even through the huge amounts of Benadryl,sneezing,and watery eyes- I would not give it up for anything.


Fresh Start Academy said...

I felt that way with our cats and bunnies But I love them all so much
a couple weeks ago one o four cats got out and was missing for 4 days it just made me sick
I was so glad when we finally caught him they truly become part of the family no matter what type of animal they are