Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is New Around Here

Pin It Now!    The last few weeks have been HOT and HECTIC but the last week has been the worst of the whole Summer.  1 week ago this past Sunday was my nephew's Grad party and the morning of my Mom fell in the kitchen and hurt herself bad. She has no use of her left arm and it is now in a sling, they have not been able to pinpoint what is wrong with it but she is in a lot of pain and it just adds to her issues she already has. The Ortho thinks it may be her Rotator Cuff. If that is indeed what it is she will need to have surgery. She also hurt her ribs and has not been able to lay in her bed since it happened she sleeps in the recliner. On top of everything her eyesight is going away again even after all the surgeries she had this past year and now they are saying she needs Cataract surgery. A person can only handle so much and she is starting to crumble and she has no Faith to keep her going. I pray she opens the door to her heart for God soon. I fear it is the only thing that will save her. She lashes out at everyone but I understand now it is out of fear, desperation and frustration. Although it is sometimes hard for me to accept, but I look to God for strength and patience.
    Last Tuesday a very dear friend, one of Alyx's Godmothers lost her 30 yr old Nephew. I grew up with him and his 4 siblings along with her daughters from when I was 2 so we have known this family for 32 yrs and it was so hard to go to the Funeral and see him there. It really made me sit back and think about how Short life is once again. He was Diagnosed with Stomach Cancer 2 weeks before Christmas and had a painful battle over the 8 months of his Fight with Cancer. He leaves behind a Wife of 5 years and a 3yr old daughter and a 2 yr old daughter. I stop and think Why, when something like this happens, what is the purpose of God taking him from his family at such a young age, he was so full of life and a Teacher in Detroit. Why was he needed NOW?
Yesterday afternoon Alyx and I watched Letters to God we had preordered it at Family Christian and picked it up the day Ray died, How Ironic. It hit home so much yesterday that I sat and just bawled my eyes out. don't get me wrong it was a GREAT movie and a True story but yesterday was problem not the best day to watch it for me and my family. It hurt my heart to watch the family go through the same pain as Ray's family.
    Ok enough sadness on a happy but chaotic note, last week Alyx and I ripped apart the basement reorganized the side with our school room and put everything that did not belong in the cedar closet upstairs or in the garage sale pile in the garage. My friends and I are having a group garage sale in September when the weather is hopefully cooler.
    We also decided to purchase a Big pool for next year and put a deposit on it and will be making payments until we are ready to put it in, come the middle of May the company is coming to install it and everything and it will have a Solar Heater to heat the water for Taylor to be able to swim and not break out hopefully. It is going to be 18ft round by 5ft deep. We also decided to put a vinyl privacy fence up when the pool gets installed and we are also painting the house in the spring and re landscaping. It is all starting to come together slowly but surely. My Dad is going to install a half bath in our basement and we are also getting Central Air before Summer next year. Then the only thing left to do to make our home perfect it to eventually knock out the kitchen wall to the backyard to make our kitchen at least 5 feet wider so we can add another wall of cupboards and counter. But who knows when that will happen
The school supplies have been purchased along with all of our curriculum and the classroom is ready. We will be starting school September 7th when Nick goes back, although he has an enrichment week at school next week, we may get started then as he will be gone from 8-noon all week which fits our school schedule. The boys are so anxious to get back to school. SO we will play that by ear.  We are busy planning out some field trips to go along with our studies for the first part of the year. I have so many fun things planned I hope we get to everything this year. My mind spins out of control with ideas, if anyone wants any let me know.  I would love to share.
    Well I think that is enough for today I am going to try to get back to updating every week with what we have been up to. I am going to be getting my blog made into a book since I do not have as much time to scrap as I would like to I figured this would be better than nothing and a great keepsake for my kids especially when I was scrapbooking I hardly journaled more than a few words so this will provide them much more insight into what our life was like.
  SO until next time Have a Great week enjoy life and Love your family you just never know when tomorrow may not come.

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Lisa said...

Any field trip ideas, I'd love if you'd share them! We're starting to gear up for homeschooling!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see things are going well. Look forward to seeing your blog in book form! :)

Fresh Start Academy said...

Congrats to Lisa and Heather you both have won codes for Squiz Cards I will email you the codes later today

Kim said...

Last week was a rough week. I'm sorry for your loss and I hope your Mother heals quickly. It looks like things are starting to look up this week. :o) I'm a new follower. You found me on Facebook. www.facebook.com/kim.funkymonky