Friday, August 13, 2010

Travel around the world with Little Passports Review

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We are using My Father's World this year and we are using the first year in the 5 year cycle and it's them is Exploring Countries and Cultures, so I was so pleased when I stumbled upon Little Passports as it fits perfectly with our studies. You can purchase your subscriptions in different combinations like we were given the opportunity to review the 3 month bundle which includes 3 separate shipments, we just renewed this and turned it into a 1 year so it was extended by a 9 month block. There is also a 6 month package as well. It runs The first shipment no matter which membership you pick always begins with a Suitcase for your travels packed with fun stuff as pictures above.
   Your journey begins with Sam and Sofia a spunky pair of teenagers that are traveling the world on their GPS enabled Scooter. The Suitcase came complete with a world map for your wall to follow their travels, a passport, a picture of Sam and Sofia on their scooter, some info about their journey, and an activity sheet. There was also stickers of the duo to begin decorating the suitcase.
   The second month we received a package from Brazil, and it looked very authentic complete with a rubber stamped image from the country.  Pictured below is what came in our second kit.
As you can see there are many fun items packed into the package and for only $11.95 a month billed automatically to your credit card, if you chose the year long membership it is a reasonably priced add on to your curriculum. The 3, and 6 month packages are one time payments and there is also a cheaper price if you pay for the year up front and makes it only $10.95 a month so you save $12 over the year by paying it in full.
There was a letter from Sam and Sofia and facts about Brazil, an activity sheet, a real picture of an animal from that country. There was also a mineral inside the little zip baggie. Stickers for the passport, map and suitcase. Also an official looking boarding pass, and there is always a souvenir in the package and this time it was a native looking 3D wood put together puzzle.
We have not actually begun using these items yet as we chose to take a break this summer but we are so excited for school to start so we can begin our journey with this fun friendly pair.  Next month we will be getting a package from Japan. This is Taylor's favorite country so he is especially excited. I will continue on with this review next month when we receive the package.

Here is what comes in the year long subscription. You can check them all out here http://www.littlepassports.com/

Explorer Kit (First month's mailing with suitcase, passport & map)

Brazil Japan France Egypt Australia Mexico South Africa India England China Argentina

The Little Passports Facebook Page is a fun place to follow along the journey and learn some fun facts about some of the countries so become a fan today.

   The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. I have not been compensated in any way. I was simply provided with a free sample so I could review and form my own opinion.

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Sheri said...

Geez, how'd you get on their review lineup? I needs to know man-I wanna do it! :0)
I have this on our to get list....I love the idea and the stuff looks really nice!

Fresh Start Academy said...

I just simply emailed and asked and they said yes, If I wanted a multi month like the 3 month I had to review all the months. So I was given a choice of just the suitcase and starter set or a 3 month which is the Starter/suitcase and 2 countries and then the nice thing was they sent me a renewal so I could pick up where my trial left off so we do not miss any or get duplicates. Give me a try all they can say is No??