Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our School room is FINISHED minus the Paint

Pin It Now!   Well I am so relieved,exhausted,excited,overheated,and ready to relax these last couple weeks of our Summer Vacation, but I can also say after many hours of cleaning,gutting, organizing and rearranging the classroom is all done except for the new piece of carpet that will be laid in the center of the floor, so there will be no cold feet come this winter, and a Fresh Coat of Paint, when this weather breaks if I decide to tackle that other wise I am happy with the way it looks as is. Also we need to run to the dollar store and pick up a couple more of our bins that hold some of our small hands on items for each subject I was 2 short. I will be posting some things over the next few days now that this job is out of the way, one will be showing you some of the awesome Dollar Tree finds I have found and the other some of the neat things we will be working on this year. SO without further delay here are the photos of our finished classroom and the boys are so excited and proud of their hard work they want to start school early so we will see about that....


                  This is our Curriculum area, there are subjects in different cubbies and shelves

Here is the view from when you walk down the stairs we have put our tables together in the center this year for something different 
This is the room divider that I picked up at a yard sale for $5 that divides the school from the rec room along with some small book cases that hold the board games and video games and the entertainment center with the TV and Xbox 360

This is to the right of the curriculum shelves it holds all of our misc. things and our Adventures in Odyssey CDS
This is the Craft and Scrapbook Area along with my sewing cart
This white storage unit has all of our extra small school supplies and my scrapbook shelves
Our new Shelving unit we picked up from Craigslist it is 2 sided on this side is the boys reading books and all of our hands on items for our studies, the yellow,green and blue crates are from the Dollar Tree and they are collapsible each one has a different subjects manipulative's these are what I am going to get more of tomorrow.
This is our Modular Science Center from Guidecraft, we cannot wait to use it also the assignment box and our going green info center

Our Classroom pets, our new baby bunnies Butterscotch and Midnight

What our tool boxes look like for each of the boys

These rolling carts are great we found them at Walmart for under $20 they have misc. items in them too and I love the counter top on the top of each cart as it is great extra space
Our classroom recycle center from Avon

The view from the back of the room looking towards the white board

                                                            The boys assignment box, each of the boys has a set of colored folders and there assignments for the day/week depending on what we are working on is in a folder with the subject on it, there is also a finished work folder and a graded work folder
                                                 This is our refinished bookcase from the neighbors trash, Yes we curb shop and are Proud of it, Keeps nice usable items out of our landfills while saving us money, it used to be a dull black and is now Key Lime Green

I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think of our classroom good or bad, thanks for stopping by.

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Rhonda said...

You have an amazing looking classroom! I love it.

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

WOW - What an awesome homeschool room you have!!!! Thank you for linking up to my Show me your homeschool link up!Come back next week & link up to my Show & Tell link up - link up your favorite homeschool lesson (artwork, craft, lapbook, etc - whatever you choose!) Enjoy your week!

Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families said...

You have a GREAT room!
We are following you now.

Mary said...

Very nice and super organized. I got a couple of ideas by looking at it, thanks! :)

amy2blessings said...

Very nice schoolroom, it looks like you have a large space to deal with, thats awesome.
I'm your newest follower, Have a blessed night.

groovie mom said...

A place for everything and everything in its pace! Thanks for a peek into your classroom. It looks great!

Danelle said...

I am in awe at the way your schoolroom is set up. My "minds" schoolroom and our actually school area are totally different. I like how you have everything organized in boxes,carts,etc. Really like the caddy idea for the tools they may use for the day.

I also like all the posters and visuals you have up. Where do you find those? We don't have much room around here but I would love to utilize the wall space-and never thought of poster and such.

Thank you for sharing the schoolroom and giving me some creative ideas.


Fresh Start Academy said...

Thank You for your kind thoughts
Believe it or not almost all of our posters and visuals as well as many classroom games are from Dollar Tree, do you have those where you live?
I am so surprised by what I have been able to pick up there