Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Pin It Now! Not Back to School Blog Hop

  I am participating in the Not Back to School Blog Hop this year for the first time, as this is our first full year of homeschooling, we started our Home School journey last winter half way through the traditional school year. We are very excited to NOT be starting back to school this year right off from the start in September. We do somewhat follow a traditional school calendar as My oldest son Nick is still attending public school, and will be starting High School this year.  This first week of the Blog Hop is all about what Curriculum we are going to be using this school year.

  We are starting with some new curriculum, and are using an eclectic format.
Our newest change is starting with My Father's World this year with their 5 year cycle, we are starting with year one Exploring Countries and Cultures.

 We are adding to this some fun things like Little Passports to go along with the studies of countries.

For Science AND Bible we are using Step up and Be Green for Jesus and The Hands On Bible, you can check out my review on The Hands on Bible and enter my giveaway to win one for your classroom.We are also going to be using our Modular Science Center from GuideCraft for hands on aspects of Science and you can win one of those too.

For Language Arts we are going to focus on grammar and good writing characteristics, my kids struggle with writing the most so to help make it fun we are going to incorporate games and a School Newspaper into our school work this year. The games we are starting with are Hink Pink and Baffle Gab and Baffle Gab Limited Edition all from Discovery Bay Games, my review coming soon. Spelling is done using an approved word list and we do different activities with them such as sentences, word searches, crosswords and we also do word ladders as well. Then we have our weekly test if the children get 100% on Wednesdays Pre Test they are done with the spelling lessons for the week, as this proves they have mastered the words, if not they continue until Friday and retake the test, any missed words on Friday are carried over to the next weeks words, they are given 15 words each per week.

We are going to use a publishing program to produce our School Newspaper, this will not only help build the children's writing skills, but also teach them about news reporting, story telling, and computer skills, and photography along with many other things. This will be produced monthly and distributed to our family so they can be included on our school activities I will also publish a copy on my blog, so others can see how it turns out.
For Math we are using Switched on School House, we used this last year and it was a big hit, s why fix something that is not broke, right. We will be using 6th and 7th grade for the boys.

For Art we are just going to be going with what feel creatively, we will be incorporating art projects into our daily lessons for all sorts of subjects such as science, writing and social studies as well as learning about art around the world, with My Father's World.
We will also continue to incorporate lapbooking into our studies this year as well, the boys got a kick of that last year, and anything that keeps them excited is GREAT!!

We will also be returning to our studies of the Iditarod Sled races since we enjoyed that so much last year.

We will also be returning to our Co-op for Enrichment classes this coming Fall, the kids truly enjoyed this and it gives them an opportunity to socialize and be in a classroom setting also.
We will be going on some exciting field trips this year and will be having some other home school families join us on them as well.
I will as always post weekly updates and lots of pictures to share our Journey with all of you.


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Rhonda said...

Hi, I stopped in via a friend from "Proud of Our Successes." I am a homeschooling momma also (3 girls) and we will begin our 6th year of homeschooling this fall. I enjoyed my visit to your blog and have added you to my Google Reader. I will definitely be back to see how your new school year is coming along.

Sheri said...

thanks for sharing that country passport thing-geez, totally forgot about it and I even have written a post on b4..duh. Gotta get that this year for the boy. Looks like a good plan and I hope you have a great year.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! So upbeat & happy :) Have a great year!

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Thank you for linking up to Show me your curriculum! We use the same Hands on Bible & love it! Hope to see you link up next Monday 8/23 to Show me your classroom & homeschool organization! Enjoy your week! :)

Karen said...

Hi, came over from Nicole's site. Love your blog and your curriculum choices have a few items I plan to look into for my children.
Your blog is so cheery..just became a follower=).