Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop Week 3 My Students

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I have been participating in the Not Back to School Blog hop and this is our 3rd week, so far we have shown our curriculum, shown off our classroom and not it is time to tell about our students.

 I am mom to 3 boys, teacher to 2 of them. My oldest son Nick chooses to remain in public school for reasons that are beyond my comprehension. He will be starting 9th grade at the High School this Fall on September 7th, he is 13 yrs old and will turn 14 on December 4th . He is an avid skateboarder, loves music and plays the drums. He can always be found hanging with his friends and is very well liked by his peers. I am proud to say he makes very wise choices when picking his friends and stays away from the "bad" kids who like to get into trouble or do things that are inappropriate. I just cannot believe he is old enough to be going to high school this year, seems like yesterday he started 1st grade.

Then you have my 2 homeschool buddies,Alyx and Taylor. They both have Asperger's Syndrome which is a form of Autism. They do not do well in a large classroom setting and middle school proved to be especially troubling as the constant changing of classrooms and schedules did not sit well with Alyx last fall, so when we pulled him we decided to pull Taylor as well as he would have started middle school this coming fall, and did not want a repeat of last Fall.  Both boys have adjusted so well with homeschooling, and are so much more laid back and love to learn now that it is not so stressful of an environment. They especially love lapbooking and unit studies are so excited to be starting My Father's World this school year.

 Alyx who just turned 12 last month, he is my helper, my junior chef and my craft buddy. He loves to garden and help around the house. He also loves to coupon shop with me as well. He will be starting the 7th grade in our homeschool this year.
His favorite subjects are Creative Writing,Art,Science,and Bible

And last but certainly not least Taylor my fiesty,funny and imaginative 10 almost 11 yr old, his Birthday is November 8th. He will be starting 6th grade this fall in our homeschool. He keeps me on my toes, but always makes us laugh. He loves Origami, paper airplanes, skateboarding, videogames and Japanese Anime'
His favorite school subjects are Science, Social Studies,Bible, and anything hands on.

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Denise said...

Enjoyed your photos~ thanks for sharing! I am now following your blog and look forward to reading more!

Catherine Anne said...

Great looking students!