Friday, August 6, 2010

Learn to Tie Your Shoes with Tie Buddies Review

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      As a new school year approaches I was getting a little apprehensive that Taylor still is not confidently tying his shoes. Alyx was 10 when he learned and here Taylor is almost 11. Both my younger boys have Asperger's Syndrome which leaves them with very poor fine motor skills, and shoe tying has always been an issue. Also I know many of you have Kindergardners and 1st graders starting school this coming Fall and would it not be great to master this skill before the big day??
   I was so impressed when I came across Tie Buddies, they are the neatest little gadgets, and there is even a little rhyme that helps the kids remember the steps. We received the race car set of 2 Tie Buddies pairs, there are also Fairy and Magic Wand  ones for the girls.  The retail for $8.00 for a set of 2 pairs and are not recommended for children under 3 as they are small and are a choking hazard.  Taylor has Mastered this skill now and it only took him just shy of 2 weeks. Most kids could probably learn quicker but it sometimes takes Special needs kids a little longer.

Here is the verse we used to help Taylor learn to use the Tie Buddies

Race Cars:

Ready to race?

Your starting knot is the

Tie Buddies’ starting

line. Ready, set go! The

red card speeds out

around the green car

and goes into the pit

for a tire change! Who

wins? You!

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